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I’ve Been Tagged

Wish List Meme-I was tagged by Rain over at Rain’s Musings.

I’ve been tagged to write about five wishes for things that I don’t need, just want and then five things of a spiritual nature, and then tag five other fellow bloggers to come out and play too.

1. I would love to go on a all inclusive resort vacation ANYWHERE with my husband.

2. I would like to treat my children to the all inclusive Animal Kingdom resort in Disney World, Orlando.

3. I would love to have my backyard fully sodded so that the children could have more outdoor time.

4. I want a second car.

5. I want a second heating system set up for the lower level of my home. (Brrrr!)

Spiritual Nature

1. I want to be in a position to give more financially.

2. I want to be a more patient person

3. I want to be a more forgiving person

4. I want submitting to my husband when I dissagree with him to become easier/natural for me. (At times it is so hard)

5. I want to have more self control.

Now, let’s see who I’ll tag. I’m going to tag all of my readers. If you are reading and have the time complete this Meme.

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1 thought on “I’ve Been Tagged

  1. Thanks for playing along! I am in total agreement with all of your spiritual wishes!


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