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Making Do Without an Oven

I never would have thought that I could make due without and oven. Had I still owned credit cards, I probably would have gone out and either purchased a new one or had someone come in and repair it. The reason I haven’t purchased a new one with cash is because my husband and I are still undecided as to whether we should repair or replace, and if we replace should it be new or used.

I initially thought “How will we eat without and oven?” but not having an oven has forced me to become more creative in my cooking techniques.

Below are some tips for making do without an oven.


*There are many types of meats that can go on the grill besides burgers and hotdogs. Grill chicken, Tuna steaks, Italian Sausage or Brats. You could grill shrimp, ribs (spare or baby back) and/or steak.

*Experiment with different marinades to maintain variety.

* Grill fresh vegetables like corn on the cob, sliced onions zucchini or cabbage

*Another idea would be to grill a whole chicken (I first saw Martha Stewart do this on Good Morning America)

Crock Pot:

*The crock pot can be used to make breakfast lunch, dinner or desserts.

*Pasta’s are great crock pot meals, for example, ziti, lasagna or a casseroles. Stewed Chicken with root veggies such as carrots and potatoes are great in a crock pot. Chili or nacho dips can be simmered and kept warm without burning.

*Although I have never tried, I hear that some bread can be made in a crock pot using coffee cans.

*Use a crock pot to stew apples with cinnamon and brown sugar, and I’ve even found a great brownie recipe for the crock pot.


* Use your stove to continue making all of your favorite recipes.

*Use this time to add new recipe’s to your cook book.

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10 thoughts on “Making Do Without an Oven

  1. Milehimama says:

    Replacing the element was very easy. I probably could have done it myself!

    Call around to many places to get a price. You’ll need your oven’s model #, which is usually on a sticker on the drawer underneath. I found that prices at stores within 10 miles of each other varied greatly – over $70 and three days wait at Sears, and $29.95, in stock, at the local appliance repair shop (they order parts too).

    This basically walks you through it:




  2. I don’t generally ask for things on freecycle, I just keep an eye on the list and watch for items I can use. I think the spirit of the list is to offer, rather than ask. Or at least that’s my opinion. But people do offer some amazing things there!


  3. My husband replaced the element in our oven last year and it wasn’t hard. He just folloed the direction and it worked just fine. Tell you hubby a man who’s handy is twicw as sexy!


  4. Hey Hadias,
    Hope your new year is off to a good start. I love using the crockpot. It is SO nice to look at the clock and realize it’s almost suppertime and all you have to do is make a salad to go with your already cooked meal.


  5. Hi Hadias,

    I have an oven, but I love to use my solar oven. Especially in the summer because it doesn’t heat up my home. That saves on air conditioning and heating costs!



  6. Thanks guys for all of your kind and encouraging comments. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for your advice.

    I tink that I have encourage my husbands confidence enough that he will soon attempt to replce the element.

    I told him that I’ve heard many people have replaced their own. So thans for sharing your experience as well.

    And Becky…I checked freecycle but it didn’t seem as though folks were asking for such large ticket items, but I will give it a try. Thanks.

    Kacie I think you are right about the energy usage. My electric bill has decreased although it is probably a combination of all of my energy saving efforts. Thanks for commenting.


  7. SAHMmy Says says:

    This article brought back memories of living in a fifth-wheel trailer for three months while my husband trained for his new career…the oven ran on a small propane tank and the propane tended to run out mid-meal! I gave up on using the oven and discovered that my crockpot was worth its weight in gold!


  8. Milehimama says:

    My oven was out for a few weeks too. Fortunately, my husband was able to fix it for $30 by replacing the element.

    But, this is good practice for summer- I hardly ever use my oven then because we have the AC on.

    I’ve found breadmakers for $5-10 at thrift stores, too.

    We eat a lot of stir fries and pasta… it’s good on the budget, too.

    I haven’t found a way to make chocolate chip cookies without an oven, though…


  9. Do you know about freecycle?


    You can find a local email list, and people give away all kinds of things they no longer want. The idea is to recycle hem by giving the items to someone who needs them, rather than it going in a landfill, or sitting in a thrift store. People in my area get rid of perfectly working ovens all the time when they remodel their kitchens.

    I just got a gorgeous solid wood credenza this weekend and now I have a perfect storage unit for all of my homeschool stuff. I have gotten a treadmill, bunkbeds and the list goes on and on. I also give away many items, including my crib and other baby furniture and all my baby clothes. Freecycle has been a real blessing to my life, maybe it can be for you too!


  10. Excellent ideas!

    In a way, not using the oven could be a way to save energy, right? My crockpot doesn’t use nearly the same amount of electricity as my oven, for example.

    Don’t forget the ol’ standby of using a microwave. You can cook seven-course meals in them haha


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