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Making Ends Meet

Have you noticed the price increase at Aldi? It almost dosen’t make economical sense for me to drive out of my way to shop there anymore.

I’ve been shopping at Aldi faithfully for two years now and they have raised the prices on the following items.

eggs $1.19 to 1.69
3 lbs rice $.99 to $1.19
1 lb. ground turkey $.79 to $.99
whole chicken $.59 a lb. to $.69
Milk $3.29 to $3.59 and higher
8 oz. of cheese $1.29 to $1.89
100% fruit juice concentrate $.89 to $.99
100% orange juice concertrate $.99 to $1.29
2 lbs of spaghetti noodles $.99 to $1.10

These prices aren’t worth the drive out ofmy way to shop at Aldi. I am considering buying some bulk items at Sam’s club this year such as rice, tissue, soap, yeast, maybe flour and a few other things. Other than that I am also considering the CSA membership for fresh organic veggies.

What are you guys doing to make your grocery dollar stretch?

If you shop at Aldi, are you experiencing the same price increases at your local store?
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My Dinner Menu

Fish and chips
Chicken fried rice with peas
Meatballs with baked potatoes
Baked ziti, garlic bread and veggies
Baked chicken, steamed rice with gravy and biscuits
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9 thoughts on “Making Ends Meet

  1. Anonymous says:

    No Aldi’s here…I always feel a twinge of envy when I read about the great prices you (& other bloggers) are paying for food!! Especially those prices on milk. But I think we do pretty well here. I tend to stick with one grocery store overall. I would not drive the extra 2 miles to a store that had a couple cents’ saving per pound of meat, for example, unless I knew I had other errands up that way during the week. A loss-leader (free eggs, for instance) would make me try a little harder, or arrange my errands such that my “out-of-my-way” driving amounted to maybe only 1/2 a mile. Sometimes I feel as though I’m splitting hairs, the way I look at things…but I guess that’s what thrifty living requires of us a good deal of the time!



  2. Earthmommy says:

    I have noticed the price increase too, but in our area, it’s still cheaper than other stores.


  3. Our Aldi prices went up too, although not as much as yours. (prolly cuz we live in WV) But my Aldi is right up the road from Walmart, and those are the two places that have the cheapest grocery prices available around here. So I still shop there. Most things are still higher at Walmart than Aldi.

    We are getting 1% milk at walmart for $2.46, however. And that is the cheapest milk anywhere. It is more like $3.08+ everywhere else, including Aldi.


  4. Prices are up here as well. I do most of my shopping at Meijer, then make occassional trips to GFS, Costco, Aldi and sometimes kroger. I also hit the bread outlet when I am ovet that way. We are canceling our sams club membership, we like the new costco so much better but I buy more of my bulk items at GFS.


  5. Milehimama says:

    I’ve never shopped Aldi, but I’ve noticed a price increase. Around here, it’s a great deal to get eggs for less than $2 a dozen!

    I do shop Sam’s, but rice is cheaper at WalMart. Sam’s has great prices on noodles (I buy whole wheat ones, which cost more than plain). Eggs at sames are way higher than anywhere else, but milk is cheaper. Frozen broccoli is cheap there, and cheese is ceaper(er), around 18-21 cents and ounce.
    You can buy a Sam’s membership, shop the store, and cancel the membership at anytime for a full refund. I buy my meat there – fat chickens (7 lb’ers) for 77 cents a pound seem to be a better deal than little chickens at 49 cents a pound (fewer bones taking up weight) and chuck steak (boneless) for around $2.00 a pound; I buy my turkey at Walmart, it’s $1.50 for a 1 lb. chub.

    Paper products such as TP, etc. ARE NOT cheaper at Sam’s. But they tend to have good veggies – 5 lb. carrots for $2.48, organic baby spinach, organic lettuce. Their fruit is high IMO, except bananas. It’s kind of hit or miss whether an item will be cheaper or more expensive. I do buy Apple and Eve box juices to keep in the car/older boy’s lunches there, it’s the cheapest I’ve found.

    You can see their prices online – go to the website, enter your zip, and “click and shop”. That way you can compare prices without actually going there!

    Right now we are stretching by eating no meat one meal per week (good practice for Lent). This is HUGE at our house, because my husband doesn’t feel a meal is complete without MEAT! Last week I made vegetarian chili (oh, I got the tomatoes at Sam’s, $2.88 for a GIANT can that fed all 9 of us for TWO meals!)

    Next week I have lentil quiche with any leftover veggies from the week on the menu. Potato soup is a favorite too. I’m also planning to start making yogurt again (I stopped this fall) and making yogurt cheese for snacks and dips.


  6. Prices are certainly on the rise in every sector imaginable. My husband gets hit really hard with gas. He is a courier and he spends about $600 per month on gas. I remember when it was about $450.

    It has really cut into his profits, but it’s amazing how God is still ale to provide for us regardless of the state of the economy.

    What a blessing it is to have Jesus.


  7. Prices at my Aldi have also gone up about a dime. Eggs everywhere have gone up exponentially.

    I think even though it’s a bummer that they’ve gone up, I have to remember that they’ve gone up everywhere. With the inflation rate in 2007 at 4.1 percent, it’s no wonder that Aldi has to raise their prices, too.


  8. beckyboop says:

    Hmmm….I would still be really thrilled to find those things at those prices. Ground turkey, at it’s cheapest here is over $2, always. I usually pay closer to $3, even at bottom dollar and discount stores. The closest Aldi to me is well over 30 miles away. My car doesn’t do that well with gas at with the prices of gas, i don’t know if it would make that much sense. I did drive out to it once to check prices, but I was disappointed with the prices and selection compared to a closer discount grocery store. Trying to feed my family of 6 has become a real challenge. If we can do it on $100 a week, that was an excellent saving week, with very little for snacks, if at all. *sigh* And that’s with us using WIC.


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