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Recycling 101

What do you do when you find a decomposing mouse in your crock pot. Easy…you find a new use for your crock pot.
What could you do with an old crockpot? (Please comment)
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4 thoughts on “Recycling 101

  1. Eeeek! I am deathly afraid of mice! I think I would faint if I found a dead one!


  2. I also thought of melting wax or crayons for candles, since you either have to use a disposable can or designate a pot that will only be used for candles. I’ve never done it but apparently the dried waz is impossible to completely remove. The planters were pretty! Or you could use one of the unfortunate lady’s ideas and bleach the h*** out of it and then try to give it away without telling the story to the recipient.
    You know, on the notion that it’s really clean, but you can’t get past the mental image! πŸ™‚


  3. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Excellent solution! Alas, since my Mom gave me a brand new “Smart Pot” for Christmas the icky mousey Crock Pot is in a landfill now!


  4. Well, my first reaction to having an extra crockpot that’s not good for food anymore is ” Dye Pot!” Crock pot dyeing is a method that lots of people use, because you need heat and moisture to dye things. And because dye is toxic, you can’t use things you use for dyeing for food anymore. So, I’d dye yarn in it.

    Or I’d melt candle wax in it. Or melt and pour soap. I guess I just don’t think along any other lines but crafting. I can’t wait to hear the other ideas!


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