Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Get Quick Patch (DONE)

Get Plaster

Get Paint

Get Brown Putty






And This.

This is just a mess.

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  1. Zen Master says

    I did this at the old house we sold and now at our new house. I hate patching…well, it’s ok when it comes out great. lol But when it comes out uneven or just looks wrong it drives me even more crazy than the actual hole that was there.

    Good Luck!


  2. Divamom says

    I feel your pain, girl! My oldest son decided last year to put a hole in the wall. Don’t know how he accomplished it (another great mystery), but he tried to hide it with a mobile he made at school! I noticed the mobile as soon as I walked in the room and moved it to find the hole! After a family outing to Home Depot (ooooohhh) dear old dad and guilty son patched the hole together!


  3. Lynne says

    That is a big job! I’ve been busy patching walls in our “new” house since we moved in, I feel your pain!

    My project won’t be near as time consuming or labor intensive.


  4. Hadias says

    Hello all. You are partly right Brenda. Actually the original banister bracket that attached the rail to the wall broke in half and the rail hit the flooor, almost causing my cousin to tumble down the stairs.

    So I bought a new braket and attach it further down the wall (instead of at the original spot where the wall stud was located)where no stud was.

    Eventually the pressure caused the bracket to break through the wall, leaving this large whole.

    The holes in the wood post are from a baby gate we took down three yaers ago.

    I am so tired of looking at that whole in the wall, and it is rigt by my front door. I will get this project completed this year. ( I HOPE)

    When I do I will post the before and after photos.


  5. Mama Russell says

    What a great tackle! I’ve done that patchwork before and it was a chore, but it sure looked great when it was done. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see pics of your finished results.


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