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Thrifty Window Treatment

I am such a copy cat. I don’t even attempt to come up with ideas of my own. Why should I. The wise King Solomon once said “There is nothing new under the sun”. With that in mind I simply find things that work for others and I copy.

Here’s what I’ve copied recently. Take a look at my version below.



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7 thoughts on “Thrifty Window Treatment

  1. As soon as I saw it, I said “hey, that looks like nester’s!” She’s good, eh?!

    God bless, Hadias! Much hugs coming your way!!



  2. Earthmommy says:

    That’s really cute I love the color!


  3. Thanks for stopping by Nestor. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    Whenever you get a chance I’d love to see those placemat window treatments Milehighmama.


  4. Milehimama says:

    That looks great! I never thought of using upholstery tacks. I do something similar but use placemats because I’m way too lazy to even fold fabric – and we’ve moved 12 times in 10 years so I have to be able to take it with me.

    Thanks for sharing! (and turning me on to yet another great blog!)


  5. The Nester says:

    Oh yeah!!!! Great Job!!! They look great!


  6. ~ Angi :) says:

    Oh, Hadias! What a thrill to see your handiwork based on Nester’s ideas . . .it really ties in nicely with my evil plan to make drapes this year . . .hmmmm. Maybe I should change my mind?! LOL


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