What are you reading?

I’m reading ” Passionate Housewives Desperate for God, Israel my Beloved and the Excellent Wife”.

I really love “Passionate Housewives Desperate for God” one because it is a great book and two because it was an unexpected gift from my friend Becky. Reading it is reconfirming everything that I hold true when it describes how precious the women, wife and mother is in the sight of God.

“Israel my Beloved” is a book that I acquired from http://www.bookmooch.com/. It is a beautiful story about God’s love for his people. It is written about a king who deeply loves his wife but she becomes rebellious and adamant on playing the harlot with other nations. Although she leaves his kingdom to serve the gods of other nations, he never stops loving her and longing for her return. While away she suffers many hardships because of her choices. It’s a beautiful romance between God and his people.

“The Excellent Wife” is a great book but I am struggling through it simply because it reads like a textbook. It has a lot of list and illustrations rather than a story line. The information in the the is very relevant and straight forward. So far I am on chapter three. This was also acquired from book mooch.

What are you reading? (Please Comment)