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Blogger Book Club: Chapters 6-8

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Reply to Question # 1:

I agree that if you have members of the household (specifically children) that they should share the responsibility of keeping the house tidy and organized. In the least, they should be taught to care for their personal messes.

My home remains fairly organized because my children are taught from young the habit of cleaning up behind themselves and behind others. Although I do not request that my husband do household chores, nor do I ask him, he usually takes it upon himself to participate in the keeping of the house on his days off from work. I think that people do their children a great disservice when they constantly clean up behind them. They rob them of necessary life skills and a sense of responsibility. They are raising them to be lazy and irresponsible children and will become lazy and irresponsible adults without intervention.

This chapter is a very important chapter and speaks to one of the reason why many women don’t want to remain at home. i think it’s because they make the work hard on themselves. They don’t teach there little apprentices (children) how to do any of the housework. TD Jakes once said that “a good leader delegates”. I delegate responsibilities to my children based on their ability to give a diligent effort. They don’t have to sweep or mop perfectly, but they must give a 100% effort based upon their demonstrated abilities.

Reply to Question #2:

Women who are at home often take on to much and don’t rest enough. They have been made to feel guilty if they rest or if everything is not in it’s perfect place. I home that is lived in can never remain perfectly clean and organized 100% of the time, especially not with little ones.

Reply to Question #3:

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