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Getting it all done

Nina from Raising butterflies has left a new comment on my post “To-do-lists“:

Your list makes great sense Hadias, and it’s simple to understand. I’ve readwhole books on homemaking and organizing that just end up making me feel overwhelmed. I know I’ll never develop a habit for complex systems — my
attention span is too short. But your list seems very doable. I assume you leave off the list, things you do everyday like make beds, wash dishes, etc.?

Nina makes a very good point which I didn’t address in my last post for fear of overwhelming my readers. Nina is very correct in her assumption.
To-do-lists are a wonderful tool that can be used to add structure and focus to your day, but mine usually don’t include daily routines such as washing dishes and cooking dinner.

I leave the following sorts of things off of my list because they are things that I do by habit that are really not a chore but task that I do more to serve the purpose of setting an example. They are things that should be done everyday rather than things that occur only a few times a week.

Hygiene and Bedrooms

Because I home school, hygiene (including kitchen hygiene) and bedroom maintenances fall under the subject of Home Economics. My children are to rise promptly by 8 a.m. and have been shown from about age 4 how to straighten their bed coverings once they get up.

After that they pick-up everything from off of the floors, next they are to use the restroom. At this point they are allowed to come into the kitchen. This is one of the first habits that I begin teaching my children.


Kitchen duties are daily chores that are delegated to my children. We hand wash dishes between 3-4 times a day during the week and use the dishwasher on the weekends. The duties of dishes are the primary responsibility of my 7 and 14 year old. My 5 year old has between 1 and 2 sessions per week in which I work at the sink with her, teaching her how to wash and rinse small items. My youngest son, age 4 has mastered putting away all plates and cups, which I have stored in a lower cabinet that is easy for his 3 foot frame to reach but treacherous on the back of my 6 foot 2inched husband.

These two duties along with my personal hygiene regimen are not listed on my to-do-list. Daily cooking of meals is also something that is not added to my list for similar reasons. At one time all of the above items were on my lists.

With small children at home it is hard to accomplish anything more than just the basic household duties. Now that they are maturing and learning how to take responsibility for their parents’ home I can delegate certain duties to them. Doing this allows me to begin caring for other tasks in the home.

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4 thoughts on “Getting it all done

  1. Cassie - Homeschooling Four says:

    I completely agree. I believe being part of the family is being part of a team. We all work together to keep this house in order. How would it be possible otherwise?


  2. I try to keep up with the dishes and the laundry. It takes the same amount of time to vacuum the floor if it is dirty or really dirty, but if the dishes pile up I can’t even cook.


  3. The same is true for me Lawanda. When the children were younger it was more of a teaching proceess rather than their really being of any help. Now that they have mastered many of their tasks they have become very helpful members of our family.


  4. Since my girls are getting bigger, I delegate a lot more. I remember how overwhelming everything was when they were small. It is still overwhelming at times, but it is much easier since I have help 🙂


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