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How I Save On My Grocery Bill

I spend on average $60.00 per week for groceries which feeds 6 people. We have 2 adults, 1 teen, 3 children ages 7, 5, and 4 years old.

When creating my grocery list I begin with what’s in my pantry. I’ll usually have canned sauces and veggies as well as some dry beans. I’ll also have some flour, beans and grains on hand as well.

I begin by brainstorming what sorts of meals can be created with what I have on hand. I make a list of my meals and then begin building from there. By shopping in my pantry first I shave 20%-30% off of my grocery bill before I ever leave the house.

With flour and grains I have added breads, biscuits and a few breakfasts to my menu. With beans I can whip up two lunches and a dinner side. Rice can serve as a breakfast cereal, lunch or dinner.

After getting together my basics I begin working on my fillers such as eggs, milk, fruits and meats. I scour the paper to see what meats are on sale. I usually have no luck since we only eat a handful of meats on a consistent basis which are whiting fillets, chicken, salmon, liver and ground turkey. On occasion we buy ham and a turkey (Christmas and Thanksgiving) and on Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day we may splurge for steak and shrimp, but these are not every week luxuries. We do indulge in sausages and ribs on the grill during Memorial day and the Fourth of July but eating only certain types of meats on a consistent basis has become a lifestyle choice that we have chosen for health as well as financial reasons.

After adding the meats, which average around $25.00 per week for 3 whole chickens ($9.00), 6 ground turkey chubs ($6.00), 2 packs of liver ($3.00), 2 cans of salmon ($3.00) and 1/2 a pound of deli turkey ($4.00) I then spend whats left on veggies, juice, cereal, potatoes and on sale dairy. I cut cost on dairy by making my own yogurt. I cut cost on bread by making my own at home include wraps for tacos and enchiladas.

I find that the biggest money saver at the grocery counter is cooking from scratch and knowing the lowest market price for the items that I buy.

I hope that this can I some way be helpful toward saving money on groceries.

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2 thoughts on “How I Save On My Grocery Bill

  1. Earthmommy says:

    I started “shopping in my pantry” first after reading one of your posts about this a while ago, and it has really helped me save on my grocery bill. I am always surprised by what I can make from what I have already! Thanks!


  2. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Please post the magic trick [i.e. recipe]that gets your family to eat LIVER!! It’s cheap and healthy but mine wouldn’t touch it. I let it go since it’s about the only thing they ever refuse to eat!


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