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I Like What I See

One thing that I find really picks me up is a fresh face. I cannot look into the mirror at a fresh face and feel down or defeated. It’s just something about seeing my face with its warm skin tone and bright eyes just invigorates me. I am not able to apply my makeup everyday and I really don’t find it necessary. But there are something’s that are a must for me. As my age increases the quality of my skin decreases and in order to have healthy looking skin I must make my skin care regimen a priority.

I have devised a basic system that allows me to keep my skin looking great without taking up too much time.

1. I keep my facial cleanser in the shower. As soon as I get in I wet my face and massage the cleanser into my skin. I leave it on while I wash my body and rinse it once I am done.

2. I use a small recycled jar (like a baby food jar) to hold my toner wipes. I purchase the liquid toner in a bottle and the flat circular cotton pads from the .99 cents store. I drop a few pads into the jar and sprinkle the toner over the pads. Now there’s no more searching under the sink for the pads and in the medicine cabinet for the toner. It’s all in one place.

3. Next I add moisture and a foundation. I have combined my moisturizer with a little foundation to achieve the perfect tint. So when I add my moisture I am adding just a little foundation at the same time, and saving the step of adding them independently. This helps to add a healthy fresh glow to my face that keeps me looking well rested even when I am not.

4. Next is shadow and mascara. I have found that; by using a sheer eye shadow that is in the same color as my skin tone, I can dab it on with my finger and not have to worry about getting it on perfectly. I use a golden bronze or rusty bronze. No matter how I put it on it always looks great. The same goes for mascara. I use clear lengthening mascara. Usually with the darker colors I get some on my lid, because I am rushing. But with clear mascara it doesn’t matter since it’s clear. It will lengthen the lashes and make the eyes look well rested.

5. Finally, I add moisture to my lips. There is nothing uglier than dry, cracked peeling lips. The easiest fix for me is to drink plenty of water and keep a stick of vitamin E cocoa butter on hand. But when I want to add feminine touches I use a tinted lip gloss. It allows me to achieve a look of moisturized yet feminine lips. I also drink plenty of water which not only helps my lips stay moist but keeps my skin hydrated as well.

I began this regimine because I wanted to look good for my husband and children. And I was fed up with looking a mess when someone dropped by. But by taking these simply steps and doing them daily they have become a habit. I do now because it makes me happy to look in the mirror and see beauty. When I look in the mirror I know that not all of my time and energy for the day was outsource to everyone but myself. I see that I have done something speacial that brings me joy. It’s just an added benefit for my family to see me looking presentable.
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11 thoughts on “I Like What I See

  1. Fair Skies says:

    Hi. Found you at lady-in-the-making. Love your tips for the face. Hey, I too started mixing foundation and moisturizer a few years ago, because foundation just seemed to thick. But, I have not been good about making up my face everyday and dressing well — you know, just thinking since I am at home, no one sees me. Well, the most important people in my life see me, my husband and children! So, lately I have been starting to think I needed to examine my attitude and maybe change my ways!

    You give some great tips I never would have thought of, like the natural colors for mascara and eye shadow. My eye makeup does look a bit much for wearing at home!

    Next I need to get out of my flannel shirt and jeans at dinner time!

    Thanks. I’ll visit again.


  2. Hadias, this is a great post, just as all of yours are. Reading it I realized that I do just what you mentioned, I get fixed up to go our of the house but rarely bother unless I am leaving or company is coming. I am going to try all of your tips, particularly the toning wipes!


  3. You are right Brenda. I did have a picture up at one point. After discussion with my husband we decided that I wouldn’t post any pictures of myself or our children.

    I don’t get dressed and apply make-up everyday, but I have become more aware of how I look especially when I am around my husband.

    When he comes home from work and I haven’t combed my hair and am wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, I feel uncomfortable.

    Looking beautiful for a husband is not a universal standard it’s simply my standard. I figure if I could dress up for the business world then I can certainly do it for my husband.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Some great points here, Hadias. It really is important to put our best face forward, & it’s just as necessary for the SAH woman to do this as it is for the woman who goes out of the home to work.

    Didn’t you have a photo of yourself up at one time? I think you were sitting at a table, stirring something into a cup of coffee or tea, & you had such a pleasant look on your face…you’re very pretty!



  5. Hi Nhizname. I like your blog name. The unique spelling is creative. I am so glad that you found my blog over at Lady-in-the-making. I will be stopping by to visit your blog today. I always return the favor of visitng with and responding to my e-friends and commentors.

    With so many blogs it is hard to get around to everyone. So whenever you read something on my blog that sparks your interest please comment. It is just gentle reminder for me to stop by and visit you.


  6. Hi…new to your blog. I came over after reading a comment at lady-in-the-making. I love this post and will be trying your hints. Eye make-up has always been hard for me…I can never get the eye shadow on right, and mascara irritates my eyes…I’ll look for the sheer and try it. Never thought about using the facial cleanser in the shower either.
    I’ll be checking out more on your blog as time permits!


  7. Lady-in-the-Making says:

    Hadias, I have been “lurking” on your blog for some time now. I really enjoy it. You have so much wisdom and I’ve learned a lot while visiting here! 🙂


  8. I agree that as women we spend alot of time getting ourselves pretty for social events which can subtly send the wrong message to our families.

    In addition, I no longer reserve my best clothing for special occasions. I often put on a pretty dress for dinner just to reaffirm to my family that events with them are just as important as any other social gathering.

    When I take the time to prepare my face and put on a nice outfit it not only lifts my mood but often encourages a pleasent dispositon in the children as well.

    Thank you Ladies for commenting.


  9. Hadias, I started adding moisturizer to my foundation about two years ago, too. All the normal foundations I tried were to drying, and the ones for dry skin were way to oily for me. Adding the moisturizer that I like was the perfect fit.

    I don’t were daily makeup but I keep the burts bees tinted chaptstick with me at all times. I love it!

    God bless,


  10. Lady-in-the-Making says:

    Hallelujah! How wonderful it is to know a woman who likes what she sees in the mirror! 🙂 Truly, it’s a relief. We are all so critical of ourselves.

    I see woman primp to get ready for work in the office but never would think of looking nice for their husband or children. If anything, I think it is more important to look nice at HOME. Let’s show the best side to the people we love.

    Great post!


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