Sewing Roadblock

I attempted my first hem this morning. It turned out very neatly. The only thing that I can’t figure out is how to stitch so that it only shows on one side of the fabric.

My Hem (outside of pants)

Professional Hem (outside of pants)

On the hems of my dress pants I find a zigzag stitch which is probably their to keep the garment from unraveling. I was able to achieve this zigzag stitch. But the stitch that holds the hem up is only visible from the inside of the pants and not the outside. I wasn’t able to create a hem that did not show on the outside of the pant. Mine has the black thread stitch marks across the bottom. This is fine on the pants that I experimented with, they were from Chadwicks so it was o.k. to experiment with.

I don’t want the stitch to show through on my more expensive suits since they did not originally come with a stitch across the bottom. I may just do the zigzag stitch to bind the bottom but them hand sew the hem.

Professional Hem (inside of pants)

My hem inside pants

I know I have some learning to do. I have only had my machine for 10 days, but I am anxious to learn all that I can. What am I missing?

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