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WFMW: Peanut Butter Containers

My younger children often have a hard time keeping their crayons in the box. They also struggle with getting them all lined up in the box once they are done coloring. I hear things such as, “All of the crayons won’t fit mommy”.

So, I came up with a way to keep thier crayons organized and also help the enviornment. Re-use old plastic peanut butter jars. You can use them to store just about anything. The next empty jar will go on my sewing table to hold all of my bobbins.

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15 thoughts on “WFMW: Peanut Butter Containers

  1. texasmcvays says:

    That is a great idea…in fact I jumped up to look and see what kind of Peanut butter jars I have. Now, I’m trying to figure out what else I can use my Peanut butter jars for. I’m thinking I might add decopauge fabric or paper on top of the lid to make it an even cuter container. But there is definitely gonna be some PB storage in our homeschool, laundry room and possibly bathroom too! I may even post on all the things I can come up with! FYI its wonderful to find other conservative black christian bloggers. Thank you so much for posting at Rooster Hill!!!!


  2. Great idea. My kids go through so much peanut butter, and I haven’t thought to reuse those.


  3. Karen_thrifty says:

    Great tip!!! I hadn’t thought about saving them. I always just stick them in the recycling bin.

    I do save frosting containers. I use them for beads and other small stuff. I like the peanut butter jar idea though. A Pringles chip container works well for holding rulers.

    Oh, I also use frosting containers for glue. I wrote about it here:


  4. Thank you all for stopping by to visit.


  5. Jack's Mommy says:

    how neat! i never thought of using them for crayons… my mom always dumped my crayons (uh, when i was little of course..lol) in one of those plastic gallon ice cream buckets. We definately have a gazillion peanut butter jars to put to use… my mother in law always sends us peanut butter (she thinks we eat a lot?? i dunno..haha) so there are like, literally 10 jars unopened sitting in our pantry right now. I keep them in a deep line kinda like the supermarket and just put the new ones to the back as they come in. 🙂


  6. Earthmommy says:

    Great idea!!! We used plastic jars and beans to make moraccas and a coffee can for a drum to get Aspen into music recently.


  7. carol ~ i throw like a girl says:

    Great idea! even though we are passed the crayon stage at my house, I will use them for pens, pencils, and other desk supplies. Thanks, also, for visiting my blog today!


  8. Good idea! And I have lots of crayons and an almost empty peanut butter jar!


  9. That is such a perfect tip! We have TONS of crayons in a coffee can for AWANA’s at church but pb jars would be so much better for the little ones. They could share a jar between two of them rather than passing a can around and taking ten out each. Plus, if another class needed some we could just give them a jar. Great idea!!

    God bless,


  10. I love this! And they look so pretty on the windowsill : )


  11. What a great tip. I generally just recycle mine. But, I think from now on I will keep them for storage.


  12. ~SaltySister~ says:

    This such a great idea! I am going to do this as soon as I have an empty jar. Thanks for sharing…have a great day!


  13. Ah HA! Perfect! Yes, this is going to be used in my house. I wonder if the larger jars will hold colored pencils and markers. This is so much better than ziploc bags.



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