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Which Jane Austen heroine are you?

I haven’t seen “SENSE AND SENSIBILITY” yet but I am looking forward to it. It will air on PBS/ETV, March 30 and April 6, 2008. Your station’s time and airdate may vary. Check your local listings!

I am Elinor Dashwood!

I am Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! I am practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though I am tremendously sensible and allow my head to rule, I have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.

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4 thoughts on “Which Jane Austen heroine are you?

  1. I believe I was Anne Elliot when I took it last time. (My puter is acting wonky and I can’t take it again.) Which was fine with me, cuz I love Anne Elliot 😀


  2. Hey Hadias!

    Will you e-mail me when you get a chance? I have 2 things I wanna tell ya. ( sensetosave at gmail.com)


  3. beckyboop says:

    I agree. From what I “know” of you, I think that is very fitting. I am off to do the quiz now!


  4. ~ Angi :) says:

    Oh! I SO see that description of you thru your blog, Hadias! 😀

    Love it! 🙂


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