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Chocolate Sale

I cannot out give my Mother-In-Love even if I tried. If you’ve been a visitor to my blog for longer than a year than you already know how wonderful a mother and father in love I have.

Well my husband and I have a vacation planned in a few weeks. We will be attending “A Weekend to Remember” marriage retreat and my in-loves will be keeping our children.

I know that she will have a box…yes a box…full of goodies to send back with the children. During the weeks leading up to their visits, she scours the stores for deals and prepares a box full of goodies. Sometimes it’s things such as household cleaners that were at a closeout price, undergarments for the kids, but always snacks, chips, juice and fruit.

She makes me look forward to being a MIL and a grandmother, because when she does it she does it flawlessly.

Anyhow, I picked up a small token of my appreciation for her and my FIL. The chocolates below were all purchased for $2.25. The Dove and Cacao chocolates will be tucked into the children overnight bags as a small surprise for their grandparents.

The Lindor chocolates my husband and I ate last night…and they were delicious. I will be looking for those to go on sale again next Valentines Day. The Hershey Pot of Gold will travel with my husband and I to the marriage retreat. And the Disney candy will be tucked into a gift bag with this for a princess themed birthday party that my daughter will attend this weekend. Be sure to head over to your local Rite-Aid/Eckerd for all the 90% off chocolate deals.

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Sale

  1. Jack's Mommy says:

    Weekend to Remember is AWESOME… when my husband and I were engaged, one of my “stipends” at saying yes was that he attend a indepth christian marriage session with me – and we were very blessed to find that one! Both of us look forward to going again some day. The speakers were awesome at our conference, humor was abundant, and we really enjoyed ourselves!


  2. My MIL has been calling me once a week for the past two weeks just to ask “Did you say that the children are coming over this weekend?” and I’ll reply “No, not this weekend. It will be two weekends from now”.

    And finally this morning she calls again to ask and I tell her not this weekendit’s next weekend. She tells me that she’s at the market and that she has a goodie box for the children. She is such a sweet heart. I am very blessed to have had my life touched by her.


  3. Earthmommy says:

    Hadias, I love reading about your MIL and I adore that you call her “mother in love”. You are SO blessed to have loving in-laws from whom you can find menoring, support and love.


  4. Walk With Me says:

    Cool, I’ve been to the Weekend to Remember many years ago before we had our daughter. I would love to go again!!! Have a wonderful time!! =)


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