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I cannot out give my Mother-In-Love even if I tried. If you’ve been a visitor to my blog for longer than a year than you already know how wonderful a mother and father in love I have.

Well my husband and I have a vacation planned in a few weeks. We will be attending “A Weekend to Remember” marriage retreat and my in-loves will be keeping our children.

I know that she will have a box…yes a box…full of goodies to send back with the children. During the weeks leading up to their visits, she scours the stores for deals and prepares a box full of goodies. Sometimes it’s things such as household cleaners that were at a closeout price, undergarments for the kids, but always snacks, chips, juice and fruit.

She makes me look forward to being a MIL and a grandmother, because when she does it she does it flawlessly.

Anyhow, I picked up a small token of my appreciation for her and my FIL. The chocolates below were all purchased for $2.25. The Dove and Cacao chocolates will be tucked into the children overnight bags as a small surprise for their grandparents.

The Lindor chocolates my husband and I ate last night…and they were delicious. I will be looking for those to go on sale again next Valentines Day. The Hershey Pot of Gold will travel with my husband and I to the marriage retreat. And the Disney candy will be tucked into a gift bag with this for a princess themed birthday party that my daughter will attend this weekend. Be sure to head over to your local Rite-Aid/Eckerd for all the 90% off chocolate deals.

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