In Case You Were Wondering

I haven’t recieved word that I would be getting a check but for those who have and are curious , click the link below to see when you can expect your check.

Economic Stimulus Payment Schedule for Tax Returns Processed by April 15th

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  1. we just received our official notice slip in the mail from the IRS either Friday or yesterday. It didn’t say “when”…i guess they expect us to find the time table online. 🙂 Im still running into people who haven’t even heard of this!!


  2. Thanks for the information and I love that song! One of My favorite classical songs!

    God Bless You & Your Family!


  3. Hi. I found your blog through entrecard and have added you to my Google Reader so I can keep up with all your new entries.

    I am also a homeschooling mom to four wonderful blessings. I look forward to getting to know you and your blog better! 😀

    Come by and visit sometime. I’d love to have you!


  4. I figured out when ours is coming. I did the calculator thingie yesterday, too.


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