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The Family Dynamic

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So many wives miss out on the joys that come from being able to trust in your husbands ability to direct the family. I am so glad that I have come to know the relationship dynamic that Christ has with the church. Understanding the role of the church in relation to Christ has enriched my marriage.

My primary responsibilities to my husband is to love him deeply (submit and honor him). My secondary role is to raise (his) our children to love the Lord and to hate wickedness.

My husbands responsibility to me is to love me more than anything else in this world and to be an example of Christ for our family. Therefore he provides, protects and leads us. He is the Shepherd of my family.

If he had to homeschool our children or handle our families schedule he would probably not enjoy his work. But because God has appointed him as the head of my family, he loves what he does. He was created to lead and when I allow him to do so, he is able to operate at his fullest potential.
I, on the other hand, enjoy the details and the role of being the day-to-day and moment-by-moment encourager of our children. This is why God appointed me as the helpmeet. I am a helpmeet first to my husband and secondly to my children. I love helping them live in the fullness of their God given potential.

When I focus on my purpose I become better at what I do and I make room for my husband to become better at what he does. I don’t depend upon him to schedule my day for me, nor does he require me to make financial or career decisions for him. If he finds that he would like to hear my opinion I give it to him. Nevertheless I reassure him that whatever decision he decides to make I will support him.

When everyone in the family focuses on their appointed roles in within the family dynamic, the Kingdom of God is glorified.

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4 thoughts on “The Family Dynamic

  1. @Earthmommy, I feel like you just posted my situation completely. I too pray on a daily basis for my husbands salvation.


  2. Earthmommy says:

    Posts like this always make me a little sad, because while I love and trust the Lord, and love my husband, he is a non-believer and as such will not take on the role of leader in our home. The only time he wishes to exercise his leadership is when something has inconvenienced or upset him and he feels the need to step into situations he typically knows nothing about and “lay down the law”. This is not a constructive dynamic obviously, and I pray for him daily that the Lord will touch his heart and help him see the truth. Reading your posts about your marriage always makes me keep on praying, that someday he will be a Godly man.


  3. Wonderful post!!! If only the world saw things this way!


  4. beckyboop says:

    Amen! I love being able to enjoy this dynamic in my own life more and more everyday. God’s wisdom is perfect. 🙂


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