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The Heart: A Child’s Garden

We spent our day starting our indoor garden. We planted two types of tomato, some peas and pole beans. I am looking forward to the fruits of my labor. I have never planted fruits or vegetables before, but have hopes to one day have a backyard garden.

Speaking of gardens, I have been thinking about the gardens that exist within the hearts of my children. As I ponder the work that will go into preparing my garden it reminds me of my work as a mother to prepare the minds of my children.

They so enjoy what their hearts produce when sowed with precious seeds of God’s holy and loving commandments, but detest that plowing up of the follow grounds of their hearts. As the winter is coming to an end and the soil is thawing, the ground will have to be broken up. It must be overturned so that it can receive all of the goodness that I have envisioned for it.

On the same note, I know that I am doing a good thing when I am forced to challenge and break up the hardness that can occur in the hearts of my children, but that still does not circumvent the raw emotion that comes when a child refuses to yield their own will. But as a parent I plow in evermore deeply and aggressively in order to turn over the soil of their hearts. I must reach the moist and pliable soil that lies beneath. I plow away like their lives depend on it, because I know of the bounty that there lives can produce.

They started out in my womb as a little seedling and throughout their lives I have sown, pruned and observed their growth. I have tamed the weeds of their lives and fought off the pests. I have provided an ideal growing environment in which they could thrive. But they are beginning outgrow the boundaries that I have established and are reaching toward the bright and shining star which is the Lord. His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my ways. I do not know fully what plans He has for them but I rest assured that they are good. As they stretch beyond my wisdom and depend upon the Lord for is provision I look on with hesitant anticipation. I am hesitant because the mother in me wants to prune them back so that they can stay in my garden just a little while longer, but I am confident that I have directed them on the right path. So with gladness in my heart I watch them sprout up into the air like a mighty oak, reaching for the source of their lives which is their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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1 thought on “The Heart: A Child’s Garden

  1. Earthmommy says:

    This is such a beautiful and poetic assessment of mothering! I love the parallel between sowing seeds and parenting our children. As always, you have inspired and uplifted me!


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