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WFMW: A New Discovery in Pasta Sauce

This week I decided to make baked ziti with spinach. I usually chop some cooked spinach and sprinkle some on each layer of the ziti, but this week I decided to try something different.

I always see these new variety pasta sauces on the store shelves and have always been curious to try them. Since I make my pasta sauce at home I never thought it feasible to pay for something that I can make myself.

While making the ziti the other night I looked at the spinach and my homemade pasta sauce sitting side by side on the kitchen counter and it was as if I had an epiphany. I decided to puree the spinach with the pasta sauce. It came out amazing. The family gave it rave reviews and my finicky five year old daughter didn’t even realize that she was eating veggies. Now the pasta sauce doesn’t have a pretty color. Mine was sort of a dark green and when my husband looked at the dinner he initially was apprehensive, but I reassured him that there weren’t any onions or garlic in it (which he dislikes). I refused to give away any other details.

Long story short they loved it. So if you are looking for some variety in your recipes this one gets thumbs up. Just imagining the possibilities gives me goose bumps. I’ll bet mushrooms would be great to and also bell peppers.

For some ideas for cooking lentil, Robin the author of lentils and rice, has some wonderful recipes.

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  1. Any tips on how to make your own pasta sauce? I’d love to try.


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