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WFMW: Cleaning with Vinegar

I can’t stand the smell that vinegar leaves behind when used as a household cleaner, so I have begun adding just a few drops of essential oil. This has been helpful and doesn’t irritate my son’s allergies, since I control the potentcy of the scent.

Another thing that I do is light a glad scented oil candle while I am cleaning.

A friend of mine purchased a mini crock-pot in which she pours her favorite household cleaner. She turns it on low and it fills the house with the smell of lemon pine-sol or jasmine scent. She keeps one on low in her bathroom so that it always smells fresh.

Cleaning your home with vinegar;

Do you hate it or love it?

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6 thoughts on “WFMW: Cleaning with Vinegar

  1. ~Me~

    I add the oil when I mix the vinegar and water. I have a seperate mixture with just vinegar and ater for my windows. So for the window mix I don’t add oil. I only use the mixture with the oil for cleaning our vinyl floors and cleaning some furniture.

    As far as essential oils I use whatever is on sale. I have a 4 oz. bottle that has lasted me about a year. I only use a few drops per 20 oz. sprayer bottle. Maybe 5-10 drops.

    I hope that this helps and thank you all for visiting.


  2. I clean with vinegar only when I am not expecting guests soon after. I do, however, have a spray bottle mixed with 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 H20 in the shower to spray after baths and showers. I bought the new Clorox “Green Works” products that are all natural. They work great and smell fresh. When you add oil to your vinegar/H20 mixture, do you have problems with the residue when washing windows and mirrors? What brand of oil do you use?


  3. I use white vinegar. I have never used apple cider vinegar.


  4. Jack's Mommy says:

    oh golly! my mom has always cleaned with vinegar and I HATE the smell (even though I’m a vinegar holic and will drink the stuff occassionally…go figure). It just stinks when you clean with it! Until I got pregnant I’ve never cared if my cleaners were toxic…but since I got pregnant I’ve started switching to milder, family friendly stuff (and will probably continue through my kids younger years). I’ve never tried adding essential oil to it…have to try that one! can’t use glade though since its not good for my birds…a soy (natural) candle might work though! i’ll have to give it a try.

    do you use white or apple cider to clean with?


  5. The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino says:

    Great tip! Hubby did the mopping the other day, and his philosophy on everything is “more is better”. The house reeked! The vinegar works GREAT though; nothing makes my hardwood floors shine as well!


  6. I’ve recently started cleaning with vinegar, too, and I’ve found that it works pretty well. My husband hates the smell, though, so this is a great tip for us! Thanks!!


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