Crochet Wristlet and Crochet Hairbow
I have been really working hard to get some projects done. So far I have completed a purse and hair barrette for my daughters friend.

I have also finally taken in the waist of my husband’s pants. I was very apprehensive about attacking such a project since I had never done it before. I was afraid that I would mess up and have him not trust me to do any more alterations on his clothes.

One of the factors that convinced him to even buy me a sewing machine was the fact that I reassured him that I would be able to alter all of his dress pants. It’s only been about three weeks since I first received the sewing machine and he has been asking me every week when I would be doing the alterations on his pants.

I searched on-line for a video tutorial but could not find one anywhere. So you can understand why I felt so anxious about tackling this project. Keep in mind that I have no sewing experience. So right now I am breathing a sigh of relief because he is happy with the results.

I also told him that I would make him a suit with the sewing machine. I sure hope that he doesn’t begin asking me to begin working on that next.


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