A Proverbs Wife

An excerpt from;

A Help to Domestic Happiness by John A. James, 1828

Parents should seek the entire government of their temper

A habit of self-control; a meekness not to be disturbed by the greatest provocation; a patience not to be wearied by long continued opposition.

I say to any father or mother, are you irritable, or petulant?

If so, begin this moment the work of subjugating your temper. You are in imminent peril of ruining your family! A passionate mother or father, is like a fury, with a scepter in one hand, and a firebrand in the other; and when the king is a fury, the subjects are likely to be furies too; for nothing is more contagious than bad temper!

O how many parents have had to bewail with weeping eyes and almost broken hearts, the effects of their own irritability as apparent in the headstrong, passionate dispositions of their children. Passion blinds the judgment, leads to undue severity, fosters partialities, in short, is the source of a thousand evils in the family government. An irritable person can never manage discipline with propriety, but is ever prone to correct, when correction should never be administered—in a rage.

Parents, I beseech you to control your temper, and acquire a calm, composed disposition—for this only can fit you to rule your household in wisdom, justice, and love.

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