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HomeMaking Binder: A Word About Schedules

There is a lot of blogging around the web regarding “spring cleaning” and “de-cluttering”. Well one area that I would admonish you to apply these topics to, would be your Homemaking Binders.

There are just a few short weeks before school will let out and for some of us that means new schedules. As you look through your binder look to see what things no longer works or need to be done.

One thing that will be scaled back in my binder will be menu plans. For those of you who keep copies of previous menus, now is the time to file away those Fall/Winter Menus.

During the Spring and Summer months there will be less baking at my house and more grilling. Our menu becomes seventy percent grilled meats and veggies. Our grill can hold 40-50 burgers so we have enough space to grill a variety of meats for a weeks worth of dinner without having to pull anything else out of the freezer. Some things that can be grilled are whole chickens split down the middle and marinated prior to being placed on the grill. Hotdogs are fast cookers and can be done in five minutes over red hot coals. A good tip for recipes is to have a cold weather recipe book and a warm weather recipe book. In each you can store seasonal menu plans as well.

For those of you who Homeschool and include a section in your binder for school stuff, this is also a section that can be removed until the Fall.

Now is also a great time to redistribute chores. Are your children doing chores that are not challenging them? Well then give them a promotion. My youngest son just graduated from wiping tables to sweeping floors. My oldest son has recently been given the responsibility of peeling potatoes. The Spring and Summer seasons are great times to teach children new tasks. You should be feeling more refreshed and your children are usually eager during this season because they may be looking forward to lots of summer fun.

De-cluttering your binder keeps it useful and up to date. Treat your binder like your home. Maintenance it on a regular basis and it will remain to be a delightful blessing rather than a burdensome responsibility.

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