I Didn’t Yell

This morning the children had an 8 am dentist appointment. Early morning appointments are always hectic for me, but because of my husbands work schedule, it has become the only logical time to set them.

Anyhow, while getting the children ready this morning I checked their teeth to make sure that they had brushed properly, only to find brown Raisin Bran crud still left in my daughters back teeth.

But guess what?

“I didn’t yell”.

I calmly told her to go and get her toothbrush so that I could brush her teeth for her.

Later when we returned home we promptly began school. For whatever reason, my teen daughter was in a funk ((again)). She was not interested in participating in the classroom discussion. Usually, I would become irritated at her disinterest in the school lessons.

But not this morning, this morning, “I didn’t yell”.

I calmly told her what was expected of her ((2 minutes worth, and this is huge for me because I am a lecturer)). Following that I prayed for each of the children and we moved on to our next subject.

Yelling used to be a part of how disciplined my children. When I learned that there was a better way to parent I began making small but consistent changes in my behavior.

Now I study the Bible to learn how God wanted to me to treat my children, interact with and feel about my children.

I pray for God’s direction in disciplining my children. Before making a decision to discipline, I search the Bible to see how God would handle each offence. I ask God to fill my heart with love for my children, for peace in knowing that he wants what’s best for them as much as I do, and for patience in waiting on His ways to manifest in them.

Each morning I also began to do something different. I now thank God for my children. I acknowledge that they belong to Him and that He has a purpose for their lives. I ask Him to grant me the wisdom to raise them according to His will.

I will never be a perfect parent, but by Gods grace I will daily surrender myself to raising my children in a way that glorifies my Lord and Savior.

Do you yell at your children in anger? Are you feeling overwhelmed with parenting? Then cast all of your cares upon the Lord. He doesn’t want to you figure it out alone. His answers can be found in the Bible. Confess that you need His help. Do this everyday until you began to hear and see the help that he sends your way.

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