I Knew From The Start…

that home schooling our children was a temporary thing. Then why when my husband recently discussed with me that it was time for them to return to public school did I immediately feel defeated?

Somewhere in my mind I had begun to imagine that if I could prove to him that our home environment was better than that of the public school…that he would allow me to home school through high school.

Now understand that my husband is very straight forward and operates based on facts. So in no way did he lead me to believe that I would be allowed to home school forever. He stated from the very beginning that we would bring the children home to in order to rectify the defiance that we had been experiencing with our teen. We wanted to make easier the stress that our teen was experiencing due to peer pressure and to reestablish her faith in God and her family.

She had pulled away, but all that is changed now. She again turns to us for counsel and has regained a love for the things of God.

So why send her back to public school?

We send her back so that she will learn how to maintain her faith in God despite her circumstances. My husband assured me that her faith will grow when she is able to test the word of God in real life situations, versus the environment that we create for her at home. And I trust him with my most precious possessions. Our children. So now…he does believe that we have created a better environment for our children.

My experience with home schooling allows me to create a safe challenge free environment for my children. I control who they come into contact with and how much interaction they have with friends. I allow them to participate in events where I am assured that the number of church goers will outnumber the non-church goers, etc., etc…

But is this reality?

Maybe for some, but for me it’s not. As a believer I have had to learn to choose my company wisely. I’ve had to muster the courage to share the Gospel to unbelieving friends and family, even when they have attempted to challenge my beliefs. I have suffered ridicule, alienation and rejection and my children will to. We believe that they need to learn to thrive in spite of their environment.

As a mom I don’t want them to be teased or rejected. Lord knows I don’t. But as a Christian, I think that I will do them a far greater disservice if I don’t allow them to exercise their spiritual muscles. They must be challenged in order to learn how to stand on the infallible word of God. Will I allow my children to be bullied…heck no. But I will guide them in learning how to deal with the challenges…yes. I will.

Now this doesn’t mean that we will never home school again. We have reassured the children that if ever they decide that they want to be home schooled we will certainly take on the task. But we are trusting that God has done some awesome things in the life of our teen that will equip her to deal with challenges in a different way than before. In addition my younger children have also been able to glean an educational foundation built upon Christian principles that will be invaluable to them and their future.

So as I wind down our final school term, I look forward to the rest of the time that I have with my 5, 7 and 14 year old. I plan our days more purposefully now; knowing that in the fall, the house will be so quiet during the days with just me and my toddler at home. This will be a new chapter of my life and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me.

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