Knit Together

I have a handful of friends (non-blogger) that I confide in. None of which share my views on homeschooling. Both the decision to homeschool and then not to homeschool were very challenging for me. Yet when I posted about them, in both instances, I received so much feedback and encouragement from many bloggers.

Even now my post “I Knew From The Start…“,has received so much feedback. All of your kind words have touched my heart deeply. I have never felt more understood. You have all said the exact things that I’ve needed to hear. You guys understand what it’s like to make the decision to homeschool or to not homeschool.

Many of you understand the sacrifice that comes along with educating your children at home. You understand the joys and the challenges. You understand the feelings of defeat and failure that can accompany the decision to send your homeschooled children back to public school, yet you haven’t judged me. You have embraced, consoled and encouraged me. I am very grateful to have you as my readers and my friends.

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