Questions Anyone?

We have all struggled as parents with feelings of despair, frustration or just being plain overwhelemed.

We can all agree that somedays the children just don’t cooperate, but somedays it’s not them…. it’s us.

What is it that throws us out of whack and makes us feel like we are not cut out to be parents?

Below are three questions. I would love for you to answer any of them. I hope to get enough responses so that we can all begin to see that we are not experiencing struggles unique to our own homes, but that we all struggle as parents at times. And in some way maybe we can be an encouragement to those who may be struggling with an flaw that we have overcome.

1. If you could change anything about the way that you parent what would it be.

2. What do you find is your greatest obstacle to being the parent that you want to be?

3. Have you recently overcome an obstacle that kept you from being a better parenting? Tell us what it was and how you did it.

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