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Thursday’s 13

In a previous post I mentioned that “One day a week the children and I will prepare a wardrobe for five days”. I’ve decided that in order to make time for the things of God before school such as prayer, encouragement or Bible reading that we must plan ahead.

So this week I pulled out the iron and begun the initial steps of training the children for this process. The steps have been adapted from the system that we use to prepare for church and weekend trips to Grandma’s house.

Step 1: The two older children pick out all of the outfits for Mom’s inspection and approval.

Step 2: Shirts in one pile pants in another.

Step 3: Mom and older Sis divide and conquer the ironing.

Step 4: All three younger children hang the clothes as they are ironed.

Note: Younger children are learning hand eye coordination since they must button top button of every shirt. (only the top button) In addition they learn teamwork since they must work together to get the job done. My 4 yo holds the hanger while my 6 yo hangs the pants neatly over the hanger. Then and my 6 yo hold the hanger while my 4 yo hangs the shirt and buttons it.

Step 5: Gather 15 shopping bags. A pair of socks, an undershirt (winter season), underwear/panties and bra are placed in each bag. One bag is hung over each hanger.

Note: This will be a great place to stick love notes and small gifts for the children)

Step 6: Mom and all children hang the clothes neatly within the children’s reach.

We started practicing this week. We worked on thirteen shirts and I was amazed to see how diligent the children were at their tasks. While we were working, God had blessed me with a few moments to allow my 6 yo daughter to stand beside me while I guided her in ironing half of a shirt. The joy that it gave her warmed my heart.

Moms, I admonish you to remember that our jobs should not be our task masters. They should bring joy and gladness to our hearts if we endeavor to please God in doing them.

Taking time to teach children how to properly care for and manage their lives is a great responsibility. It takes time and patience. Let me say that again…TIME and PATIENCE.

They will not learn it all overnight, but with consistent teaching and time spent with Mom they will glean the necessary skills to care for themselves and their families.

Ladies be diligent in gleaning the patience needed to allow your children the opportunity to help you around the home. Not only are you teaching them but you are building relationship bonds that will not easily be broken. This is the time to capture their hearts. Do it now while they desire to give it to you.

What are some tasks that you enjoy doing with your children?

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8 thoughts on “Thursday’s 13

  1. The Cottage Nester says:

    Oh by the way, I am working on being patient with the children.

    I have to admit that I do have an issue of “Do It Yourself, That’s The Only Way It Will Be Done Right” Syndrome. It really does hinder me in so may areas in my life and I am asking God to help me with that.

    I enjoy cleaning the walls and baseboards with the children. Again there could be so many other tasks I could enjoy with the children but I don’t allow time for it because of my lack of patience.

    I feel so bad just thinking about how I would just rather do it myself to get it done then to spend the time and effort in teaching the children the right way to do it and in turn enjoying that time we are sharing.

    When children are young they are so pleased to help you and be near you it’s like it’s the greatest thing ever to help mommy do work around the house. It is true I really need to capture their little hearts while they desire to give it to me.

    Cause my teenager no longer desires to give her heart to me, but that is another issue.

    God Bless You!


  2. The Cottage Nester says:


    I just love your site you are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for such wonderful posts.

    God Bless You & Your Family


  3. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Great job! My son learned to iron in what used to be called Home Ec this year (7th grade) if I get the board out for him he’s usually now willing. Training is so important!


  4. this is such a time saver, and eliminates a lot of stress!

    btw, i don’t know if you’re into memes, but i tagged you for one here


  5. Anonymous says:

    So true, so true…& how I have rejoiced in those “whispered moments” you mentioned. God is so faithful & good to lift us up, but we do have to be obedient. And yes, I do so want to do right by my children. I believe our task is made easier when they see us striving to do God’s will.



  6. Thank you Brenda for your kind words.

    I am not perfect, nor do I think that any of us can be perfect all of the time but we must be willing to humble ourselves to the will of God for our lives.

    I hear in your comments that you are dilligently striving to be a better wife and mother each day.

    Continue to focus on pleasing God. He will whisper to us when we are not on course, but we must be willing to be obedient to his correction.

    He has given us our children and will give us all that we need to raise them properly when we ask.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh!…I never answered your question.

    Some things I enjoy doing with my children are baking, gardening, & organizing. And, as strange as it may sound, even doing the dishes & folding laundry are enjoyable when my children help me. :o)



  8. Anonymous says:

    Hadias, you amaze & impress me so much. Honestly, I wish I lived near you so I could witness, first-hand, how you manage your household. And how is that?….with a lot of thoughtfulness, grace, & patience.

    I have had to chide myself over the years for the times when I handled some of my opportunities for teaching these things to my children in a rather rough fashion. I know, I know….I was tired. Aren’t we all? Gradually, I learned that all they would learn from me was “Mommy’s crabby” if I didn’t exhibit self-control during the teaching moments.

    Yesterday, my son said, “Mom, could I have fried potatoes for breakfast?” And then, “Could I make them myself?” I was rather in a hurry, but I thought, OK, why not? Yes, it took longer to show him instead of doing it myself, but he was so proud afterward, & I felt pretty good myself!

    Have a wonderful day, Hadias. You & your family are in my prayers very often,



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