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WFMW: Before They Rise

At one point in my life, I would get up each morning and do things exactly the same as I did the day before. I did this without taking much thought about why I was doing it. I had created this perfect daily regimine (or so I thought) that I believed would turn out just as orderly as I had written it in my notebook. But things hardly ever worked out according to my plans. My day was overrun with interuptions, crying and fighting children. Now, each morning before my children awake, I take a few moments to ponder some things. This technique has assited me in having a better outlook and being more prepared for my day. I am no longer a slave to regimine, but can follow wherever God decides to lead for that day. I am no longer overly disturbed by interuptions and am able to live peacable with my children even in the midst of the chaos that accompanies having young children.

Below are the things that I focus on First thing in the mornings. I usually think about these things while lying in bed. If the children are already up I still take time to at least complete #1 in bed and the others while making my bed. I find the list to be most efficient for me if I can get 15 minutes of quiet time to ponder before the children awake.

1. Focus on God/Self
2. Focus on Family
3. Focus on Home
4. Focus on Fellowship


Begin the day by focusing on spiritual things. Use this time to;

Pray (Ask God to reveal His Will for Your day)
Repent (Ask God to forgive you for trying to be in control)
Read the Bible (Not Bible Study):To gain wisdom and understanding
Meditate on/ Repeat Memorized Scripture: To gain confidence and encouragement
Surrender to His Will (Even when it does not line up with your expectations)


Begin each day by focusing your thougts on the positive aspects of your family.

Husband first: Think about his strengths. Ponder the thought of “What could I do to be a help to him today?”

Children second: Think about their good qualities, how they make you smile or how much they are learning. Meditate upon the great things that the Bible tells us concerning our children. Bring negative thoughts under subjection.

Home: Focus not upon what needs to be done, but on what is the atmoshpere that you are trying to create for your home. Is it a place of peace, a place where your family feels safe and welcomed. Let your daily “to-do” list originate from a perspective of how you want your home to feel rather than how you need your home to look.

Fellowship: Who and what outside things should you dedicate your time to? Clear your mind and wait. What friends or family members come to mind that you haven’t written or called in awhile? Is thier a neighbor that you could bake an extra loaf of bread for? Use this quiet time to think clearly about how you dedicate your time and energy outside of the home.
This are clearly just things that have worked for me. This daily routine has aided me in becoming a calmer and focused wife and mother. This will by no means solve all of lifes problems, but if youbegin your day by focusing on the Lord, He will begin to help you to deal with the challenges of each day.

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4 thoughts on “WFMW: Before They Rise

  1. The Cottage Nester says:

    Another great post! I am copying this and keeping it on hand!

    I am going to try all of the tips because they all seem to fit what I need for myself and my family.

    God Bless You & Your Family!


  2. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Excellent list at the end. I will defintely print and keep this to use!


  3. Pamelotta says:

    This is a very good tip and one that I know works.

    The thing I like about doing this is that for every number, you can pray over those spheres of influence and you can speak positive things over them. Actually speak how you would like those areas to look. We have the power of life and death in our tongues and I’ve noticed that when I speak to an area and proclaim the way I want it to look, it’s not long before it looks that way!

    Thank you for this.


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