A Job Well Done

What is it about laundry that you dislike?….Is it the fact that no matter how many times you wash it, dry it and put it away…there is always another load waiting for your attention. Doing laundry is like raising children…it always needs your attention never ending job. Unless of course you hire someone to do your parenting and your laundry. But for most of us we know that if we ignore our children or our laundry for too long it will soon get out of control. This is why I follow a simple plan of action.

1. I involve my children
2. I am consistent in my laundry schedule
3. I find ways to encourage myself to find joy in this aspect of my job

1. All of my children participate in some form or fashion to the laundry process beginning at the age of two or three. Whether it is sorting socks, folding wash clothes or loading the dryer. We are a family that works as a team. Each player has a part and each part is deemed equally valuable.

2. Once we have enough dirty laundry to wash one full load we do the laundry. I have found that I’d rather wash on full load everyday rather than spend all day Saturday (or any day for that matter) washing clothes. I just don’t like being tied to the washing machine for one full day. If I wash all of our laundry once a week that would equal about 6-8 loads of clothes for our family of 6. In addition to drying, folding and putting away everything. No thanks. Been there, done that.
3. You want to know what it takes to get me pumped about laundry? Well it is. Laundry detergent. I find that I enjoy doing the laundry more when the clothes smell artificially, perfumy, fresh. You know what I mean…right? The artificial ‘lavender’ and the ‘mountain fresh’ scents that the manufacturers advertise.

What in the world does ‘mountain fresh’ smell like anyway? I don’t really believe that what’s in the bottle is air brought from atop a mountain. In fact, what I smell on my clothes is nothing that I’ve ever smelled atop any mountains I’ve ever been to. But nevertheless it’s the scents that come in the bottle that get me going and in this folks I find joy. If I were to name a laundry detergent scent I would name it ” A Job Well Done”. Yeah that’s what it smells like.

All right folks. So that what works for me and that concludes my tackle.


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