Double Dose

One of the greatest habits that I have cultivated in myself and my children is the discipline to clean up the kitchen promptly after each meal. What makes this task easier is our clean-as-you-go method. We wipe up spills and put away as much as we can in the process of cooking. At the end of the meal all that is left to do is set up a sink full of all hot soapy water and wash everything.

While we sweep the floors and wipe the tables the dishes dry in the dish rack. After sweeping and wiping the tables we put away the dishes and dish rack. The sinks are wiped out and the clothes are hung to dry. Below are some shots of our before and after breakfast dishes.

The basket by my sink is an old Easter basket that I removed the handles from. It’s filled with rolled dish clothes and towel for easy access. The candle by the sink is there for inspiration. I often light it while doing the dishes. It has a vanilla scent that fills the kitchen. So not only do I end up with a clean kitchen but also one that smells great as well.

The green apple juice container on the sink is home to my very fickle tomato plants. They are the only two who have survived my brown thumb. I keep them there since it is the only window in which they have been able to survive. They encourage me because of their perseverance. Despite my lack of gardening experience they have stuck around. What a blessing it will be if I harvest even one tomato.

What techniques do you use to encourage you in your daily homemaking tasks?

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