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Food Storage

I received a set of Twist ‘n Loc storage containers by Ziploc last earlier this Spring as a result of signing up as a Bzz Agent . I’ve been using the containers all Spring to store things like chicken stock, soups, beans and homemade pasta sauce. I have even stored these containers in the fridge as well as the freezer.

I have compared the use of these containers to my peanut butter container storage methods and here are my findings.

Both the Twist n’ Loc and peanut butter containers work fantastic in the freezer. They’re both sturdy enough to stand up to many trips through the dishwasher, they never leak and they’re both completely air-tight.

The frozen food always tastes fresh when it’s thawed out. But what sets these containers apart is the measuring lines imprinted on the Twist n’ Loc containers. This is what I have found to be the most helpful attribute in comparison to my peanut butter containers. With the Twist N’ Loc, I don’t have to guess how much is in each container.

The containers come in two cup (one pint) or four cup (one quart) sizes. Both sizes are marked on the side in one cup increments, which is something that’s very handy when you have quarts of chicken stock in the freezer and you only need two cups. The lids screw on tightly and are interchangeable between the two sizes, which is another big plus for me. Finally, I love it that the containers nest into each other so they can be stored laying down in a drawer or stacked in the cabinet.

Grocery store puts these on sale regularly, and they’re around $1 each on sale.

Does anyone else use these containers besides me? If so, I’d love to hear what made you try them or what you use them for.

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2 thoughts on “Food Storage

  1. jskell911 says:

    I got these as part of the Bzz campaign too. We love them! Right now we do not need more, but I would absolutely purchase more when we find we need storage containers!


  2. My daughter in law uses these for my grandbaby. She puts all types of things in them from food to cotton balls and loves them.

    By the way I love the nice new look!


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