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Goodbye April

I repotted some flat leaf parsley to spruce up the kitchen window.

I made some more perogies.

This time I tried them stuffed with cabbage.

Into the hottub they go for 2 min.

Into the freezer for later on this week.

Not before I have one for lunch today.


What were you able to get done this month?

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13 thoughts on “Goodbye April

  1. I love pierogies and would love to make them sometime!


  2. Pierogis!!! I love those! Can I come over and have some?? Are they hard to make? Let me have some of your pierogis and I’ll make you my chinese pot stickers (pan fried dumplings). =)


  3. Jewelgirl says:

    Those Pierogis look fab, so now
    you have to tell me how to make
    them. Pleaz? I would love the
    recipe. Thank you 🙂


  4. Hadias,
    How did I miss you? I do believe this is the first time I’ve been to your site. Thank you for sharing your accomplishments.


  5. Your perogies look wonderful! Great post…Kathy


  6. Love Bears All Things says:

    Could I have mine now, please?
    It made me hungry right away. You’ve been a busy lady.
    Mama Bear


  7. I feel as though I accomplished NOTHING in April! I had two business trips and then came home to hold my son’s 2nd Birthday party and a Baby Shower at church. Unfortunately the stomach bug got us all (starting with my son at his party). I’m praying May is a more productive month (and a healthier one too!) for us.

    Your pierogi’s look wonderful! Yum!


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Boy, my hubby would love to be there for the pierogi. He had them growing up, and we have bought the frozen, but they just aren’t the same. Looks good!


  9. Constance says:

    I actually got quite a lot done in April including a trip with My Hub to Yosemite NP for the weekend!

    I’m getting hungry looking at your post! I need to go have another cup of coffee and a slice of Fresh Strawberry cake that I amde!


  10. Penless Thoughts says:

    I love the idea of the pots of parsley. I think I’ll have to do a pot!! Those look so yummy!!! And smart to fix ahead and freeze. I like to do that with items.


  11. A Hint of Home says:

    They look delicious.
    What can I bring for dinner?

    Have a good weekend.


  12. Jerri junque says:

    Yummy! what time will they be ready, we would love to join you for Dinner.


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