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Menu Plan Monday

Although I haven’t been posting my menus online for the past few months I have not neglected the habit. Since embarking on the journey to find joy in homemaking, I must say that I have reached my final destination.
Blogging has been somewhat therapeutic for me in the sense that I have met so many wonderful women who have learned to love caring for their homes and also those who are currently on the journey.
There is a blog that I read often called “Femininity Revisited”. The author shares her struggle to overcome the effects of the feminist movement on her way of thinking in her post “Fighting against my flesh”. Talk about being transformed by the renewing of your mind. She is taking her readers through her transformation process with each post that she publishes. For you veteran homemakers and lovers of all things pertaining to biblical womanhood be sure to stop by “Femininity Revisited” to give her some encouragement.
Without further ado, here’s this weeks 5 day menu.
*Raisin Bran w/ toast
*French Toast
*Banana Bread
*Cabbage stuffed perogies
*PB&J sandwiches
*Spicy Red Bean Chili w/ steamed white rice
*Split Pea Soup w/crackers
*Spicy Sardines over Hominy Grits
*Stewed Chicken w/Potatoes and Dumplings over Steamed white Rice
*Fried Whiting Fillets with French Fries
*Italian Spaghetti w/ Meat sauce (and possibly garlic sticks)
*Stuffed Chicken Breast, Sweet Peas and Candied Yams
*Chicken Fried Rice



* Brownies

* Bell Pepper Strips w/ Ranch Dresing

*French Toast Sticks

*Crackers w/ P-nut Butter

*Pizza Crackers

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Katrina…be sure that you hold on to your menus. After awhile you won’t even need to keep re-writing them each week. You can just rotate them out.

    They can also be used as a reference whenever your mind to bogged down to think. Just look at some past menus and they will help you gather some ideas.

    In a few short weeks it will become a habit that can make life so much easier after the baby is born.


  2. Hi Hadias! I’m am one of those currently on the journey to reaching a ‘peaceful homemaking life’. This is my 2nd week of preparing my menu plan for 7 days. I’d done it before but never really followed it or just got exhausted trying to even write/ plan it!!! But it really helped. I knew it would. One that has not experienced it, would never know how hard it is to come up with 3 meals a day and 2 snacks if you haven’t planned it. I still have to work on prepping a little more in advance but I’m on my way!!!! It just so happened that I worked my menu out on Mondays so that while I have 40 minutes on Tuesdays to run to Walmart while my daughter’s at ballet I can pick up what I need for the rest of the weeks menu. It’s such an accomplishment to know I’m getting something done instead of sitting and waiting for her to finish and it forces me to have my list, be prepared and get in and out so I can get back to pick her up on time. I give myself a few more weeks at this for it to come naturally to me. Then on to planning more structured days with the kids. As much as possible due to their ages and the pregnancy. I used to be pretty good at that until my daughter started going to pre-k in the middle of the afternoon. That threw everything off: a later nap time for the younger 2, limited outings in the morning and a more exhausted Mommy! Thanks for all your posts!


  3. Menu planning does hepl alot with regulating body weight and just living a plian healthy lifestyle.

    When I didn’t plan menus I used to skip alot of meals because I was so busy. I would get sick and exhuasted towards the end of the day.

    The menus help me to maintain a balance in my eating habits. Thanks for stopping by Lawanda.


  4. Your pierogies look so YUMMY!!! I am so impressed you made them homemade!! 🙂

    Your menus are always so inclusive! I never even try to do breakfast and lunch. although I should, since it may make it easier to keep up with my points… 🙂


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