Monday Meanderings

Bible Study:

Morning devotions using Our Daily Bread

“MUST Do” List:

Sew potholders and napkins.
Stick to gym commitment (4 days a week).
Continue making freezer meals.
Laundry: washing, drying, folding, ironing, putting away.
Call a friend who was not at church on Sunday.

Taking Care of My Home:

Daily Chores

Monday – Sweep and Mop all floors, iron clothes, complete one quarterly task.

Tuesday – Take all trash outside for pick-up, clean all bathrooms, and complete one quarterly task.

Wednesday – Bring all trash receptacles to the back of the house, vacuum and complete one quarterly task.

Thursday – Sweep all floors, dust one room, and complete one quarterly task.

Friday – Clean all tubs and showers complete one quarterly task.

Saturday – Mow and edge the lawn

Training My Children:

Focusing on contentment.
Continue reading from the book of proverbs.
Learning how to balance work & play time.

My Menu can be found on my post “Menu Plan Monday“. I have included a grocery list with prices from Aldi and my menu.

Monday Meanderings is hosted by Tiany and Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura. Thanks ladies!

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  1. Thank you all for stopping by. I get so much encouragement from sharing my day with you guys and from exchanging ideas.


  2. I love that you called a friend who was not at church on Sunday! Those little gestures of friendship can mean so much to the folks on the receiving end!


  3. Have a great week!



  4. Great meanderings! My you are busy, and living the Proverbs 31 woman’s life!


  5. Thanks for checking in on me! I hate not posting b/c I think people will forget out me.(SMILE)
    But I figure that they would be like me… I have my list of blogs that I check daily (yours included) to read what’s going on. Thanks for the Mother’s Day Wish!!! And a Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you…


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