Monday:Laundry Day

Warning: Do not attempt this tackle while running low on energy:-)

I knew that I would have alot of laundry to do today so I made some french toast sticks (first time) yesterday. I baked some bread over the weekend sliced it and soak it in french toast mix (milk, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar) overnight. All I had to do this morning was stick them in the oven for a few minutes and breakfast was served. The pictures below are of the bread sliced and lined neatly awaiting their bath. The second picture is of them after they have soaked up the french toast mixture. The sticks turned out delicious.
Now on to the ‘tackle of the day’. Below is a picture of my office desk yesterday. I had so many things to get ironed so I started at about 6:30 a.m. The next two pictures are of my supplies. A basket full of fresh smelling laundry to be sorted and hangers.All of the drawer items are folded and sorted.

All of the pants are ironed and awaiting their hangers. I didn’t get a picture of the shirts, but believe me every pair of jeans was hung with a freshly ironed shirt draped over it. This makes getting dressed easier for everyone especially when we are in a hurry.
My three youngest children asked could they help before I was able to even request their help. Moms, I admonish you to cherish these times because as children grow older there is no guarantee that they will always desire to help you or even spend time with you when they get older. Show them that you care by giving them your TIME.



  1. jenny-up the hill says

    You iron?! You are my hero! lol!! I just pretend that the clothes started out ironed and that they have gotten wrinkled because we’ve been wearing them!lol!! Great tackle!


  2. Earthmommy says

    Once again you have inspired me! I am overwhelmed with chores this week as we have a carpet cleaning on Friday (yay!) and then my parents are coming to visit on Monday. Thanks for getting me going!


  3. Anonymous says

    Aren’t those two of the lovliest words?…..”The End”. When you have a big job to tackle, it’s so gratifying to see the other side!



  4. Regina says

    Awesome job! That last picture was a great way to end this post (about how long does your basket stay that way, I’m guessing not long!!)
    You should post your French toast stick recipe!


  5. Nina says

    Way to go Hadias! I also like the last photo. The bottom of the laundry hamper is a beautiful sight, isn’t it? 🙂


  6. Jenny says

    Um, Wow! I bow down to you. Seriously, I’m so impressed with your tackle!

    I don’t feel nearly as bad about ironing the 5 dress shirts on my to do list today. Thanks!


  7. Lawanda says

    I love making home made bread french toast. I wish my family loved it. :-p

    Yours looks exceptionally yummy, I must say.


  8. Hadias says

    Guys I gotta tell you when the french toast sticks came out of the oven they looked beautiful.

    They tasted better than any I’ve ever had.

    Making them with homemade whole whaet braed gets a thumbs up. They turned out much firmer than when I’ve used store bought bread.

    I just got finished baking and freezing enough for two more breakfast’s.


  9. Hadias says

    I do Jen. I only iron them because they get so wrinkled sitting in the laundry basket or dryer unfolded.

    So it’s either I fold them right out of the dryer or I iron them.


  10. The McCanns says

    Great tackle. Good idea about the double hang. That would save a lot of “matching” hassle. I particularly like your ending. Great shot!


  11. Shannon says

    IRON is a 4-letter word for me! Nope I only us the iron for my sewing. I have a laundry day for each person. Keeps it easy for me!
    Keep up the hard work cause it is! Great shots!


  12. Lawanda says

    Ironing is a bad word! 😉 haha Just kidding 🙂

    What an accomplishment!! And it is so sweet when your kids ask to help. I love that ♥


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