The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her…

As I went about my daily homemaking activities I got a call from my husband. It’s not unusual to get a call from him since we talk on the phone several times a day while he’s working. He called and asked if I’d pray for him. He reassured me that he knew that I already pray for him daily, but he was in need of a specific prayer.

He wanted me to pray for direction and clarity from God. He has accepted the biblical responsibility to provide for our family which has become somewhat of a challenge with the rise in prices affecting so many areas of our economy.

My husband drives for a living and relies heavily on gas to make his living. With the gas prices continuing to rise daily along with food prices it is becoming necessary for us to consider a different line of employment.

His biggest challenge is that he wants to know that God is leading him in His decisions. He has not gotten a clear indication that God wants him to find a different job. So he prays, and he perseveres and he cleaves to me.

I am honored to know that my husband trusts me enough to be able to share his walk of faith with me. For him to know that he can trust me and that I will do him good and not evil gives me a feeling that is difficult to put into words.

He doesn’t go out and drink or gamble. He doesn’t come home and argue with me out of frustration. He asks me to pray for him. He knows that he can be vulnerable with me. He knows that I am his safe place. His heart safely trust in me.

Can your husband trust you with his heart? Can he share his fears and shortcomings with you? If not examine yourself to see where you need to improve. Begin to encourage him rather than tear him down. Make an effort to become his safe place where he can find refuge and help. You are his help meet. Pray and ask God to help you to become what your husband needs.

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