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The Power of Words

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your children? Have you ever thought “What a burden they are! rather than “What a blessing?”

Well don’t think that you are alone. Many parents find that raising children can be a challenging task at some point in time.
Let me share what has helped me keep a Godly perspective during the bumpy road of parenting. I also want to encourage you to begin practicing the following task even when you are not overwhelmed. You will begin to see a delightful change in your own mental state and behavior as well as in your children’s.

“Call those things that be not as though they were.”

Begin calling your children what God desires for them to be.
For example instead of saying to your child; “Christina clean your room” rather say “My faithful and obedient child (please) go and clean your room”. (please is optional)

Some other examples would be “Finish your dinner, son of the Most High God” and “Thank you for being so helpful daughter of the King of Kings”.
Speaking to your children this way will encourage your them. In addition, it will help you to remain focused on the fact they are not only your children but that they are the Lord’s as well.

This can also create teaching moments that can open the door to meaningful conversation with your children and teens. If you began by admonishing your children with the names of God, you are teaching them Hebrew phrases. Let me explain what I mean. When my child enters the kitchen I say to him “Good morning, son of Jehovah Jaireh“. He responds “Jehovah who?” Now is my opportunity to began telling him all about Gods faithful providence to the people of the Bible and how He has provided for our family.

By making small efforts to introduce the word of God into your daily conversations you can go a long way towards reaping eternal rewards in the lives of our children.

How do you keep the right perspective when your job as a parent begins to overwhelm you?
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