I tackled all of my weekend laundry yesterday. I will fold and put away some clothes and begin filling another laundry basket with clean clothes to be pressed on Friday.

What will get tackled today is errands. I will be packing up all of the children to go to the allergist for my sons weekly shot.

After shot we will head over to the garden center so that I can pick up some flowers for the front yard.

Once we get back the perogiesfrom the freezer should be thawed out and ready to heat for lunch.

After lunch I will start cooking the kidney beans for chili later on this week. Then we will head outside to work/play on the yard.

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  1. We had chili too. Happy tackle it Tuesday. Come see my tackle, please.



  2. I’m comin to your house if you’ve got perogies AND chili!

    Plus, I’ve got weeds bad! I’m tackling my sunflower jungle today! 😀

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