Freezer Cooking

Kacie asked if I could compile a post regarding freezer cooking. So I did even better than that. I compiled a list of the websites that got me started. Most of these links are for bulk cooking and OAMC (once a month cooking). The links below include many great freezable meals.

I have never attempted OAMC but, have pre-cooked enough meals for one to two weeks at a time. Two weeks of not having to make dinner in exchange for a couple of hours in the kitchen on a Saturday or Sunday works for me.

The big thing about OAMC or freezer cooking is that you must have the space to store food (which I have) and the storage containers (which I don’t have). I have used Ziploc but have had an accident with the bag bursting prior to freezing.

Once I accumulate enough storage containers I will probably begin OAMC. So once you have storage space, storage containers and a few key recipes get in that kitchen and start cooking.

The first time may be very time consuming and unorganized, but after you get a system going things will run smoothly. Soon you’ll be able to cook two weeks worth of food in about four hours (including clean-up).


Beef Recipes

From Anne’s Recipe Box

Cheryl Lindsey

More meals

Bulk Cooking by Jennia Hart


Chrissy’s OAMC

There are also some neat ideas for freezer cooking at this link and here on freezer cooking in general.