Freezer Meals

This week I will be tackling the task of preparing pre-cooked meals for the freezer.

Plenty of baked bread

Rolls for tonight

Sub-rolls for sandwiches

Fresh Baked Pretzels (1/2 for now 1/2 for later)

I’ve also made two roasted whole chickens and potato stuffed perogies. The square bread in the first picture is my pastrami & cheddar loaf which is delicious stuffed with any deli meat.

I will be posting more soon on cooking for the freezer.

Do you cook extra portions for the freezer? If so, once the meals were reheated which ones worked and which ones didn’t?


  1. Melisse says

    I recently made macaroni and cheese for dinner and froze individual ones in greased muffin tins. Just reheated a couple for my breakfast. (oatmeal and grits don’t sit well w’ coffee in the a.m.!) Took less time to reheat in the micro. than I’d thought but turned out good. Last week when I did meatballs I also did individual meatloafs in the muffin tins as well as a couple bigger ones for family size. SO enjoying your posts I’m looking forward to tackling some myself.
    I may have found a friend who in interested in doing a little OAM cooking with me! : )


  2. Melissa @ For Cheap Sake says

    Looks wonderful. Can you send me some recipes for the bread? I have been making biscuits, but not been very successful with bread.


  3. ~ Angi :) says

    I find I’m missing some of my gadgets. (not that I’m complaining about the benefits of living simply, mind you . . .I’m just, well, missing them) The big griddle for French Toast. My bread machine. My mixer. My stoneware casseroles.

    I call each of these items a blessing. Once I am reunited with them, I shall honor them with strident use for three weeks straight! 🙂 LOL


  4. Sonshine says

    Those breads look great!

    As for what works for me in the freezer meals arena, I have found that things like shredded bbq beef, taco and sloppy joe meat do well in the freezer. My family is a little on the picky side when it comes to the whole meal coming from the freezer so I do my own version of OMAC and it works well for me because most meals only take a 1/2 hour or less in prep that I do. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Julie says

    Just last night I made meatloaf – one for last night, one for the freezer. I don’t do this as often as I should, but I do it. It really helps out a lot. Good tip.


  6. Teresa says

    I only freezer cook now. I have been doing this since last October and have found that most meals work great in the freezer. What is most important is reheating. You don’t want to overcook your food when reheating. Also, don’t freeze things that will get soggy. Like enchiladas, I like to freeze my filling, and only after thawing do I stuff the filling into the tortillas. Good luck…and I can’t wait to hear how everything turns out!


  7. Muthering Heights says

    Hi there! I know I already stopped by today, but I remember you saying that you were interested in seeing updates pictures of my garden, and I put some up this week. I teased my “readers” about wanting to see more pictures, but I was joking around with some family members, so please don’t think it was directed at you in any way! 🙂


  8. Mobunny says

    We freeze beans and have found it best not to put them in a really deep bowl…….it takes them forever to thaw out. Let them totally thaw before you stir them because you will break them up and they won’t be pretty and whole.
    I also use silver bowls to freeze things in. I don’t like to put plastic in the freezer, or glass.


  9. Katrina says

    Wow Hadias! You simply amaze me. I love how you take so much pleasure in everything you do and make for your home and family. Everything you do is what I hope aspire to do myself for me and my family. I really love your meal planning and making your own stuff (bread, growing veggies). I’ve gotton off with the meal preparing since we’ve moved. Hoping once we’re settled somewhat then I can get back on track. Always enjoying your blog!


  10. Muthering Heights says

    That’s a great idea! I’m planning to make some texturized vegetable protein burgers and freeze them. It seems so nice to have things made and just whip them out of the freezer! 🙂


  11. Elizabeth says

    Yummy! I can almost smell and taste the bread form here. 🙂 I really appreciate your enthusiasm for your home and family.


  12. Jolene says

    Oh WOW! I love all that bread u made. Makes me drool! LOL. I havent begun to do OAMC but really would like to. I have been reading up on it and trying to figure it out. LOL. Do u make all those bread products with a bread maker or by hand? Thanks


  13. P.S. He loves you... says

    I have prepared more in advance and it works with most ALL cassoroles!

    Breads look delish!
    Thanks for inspiring!


  14. linda says

    I freeze meal ahead of time. I never thought about doing it with bread. Great idea. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I like the summer schedule. You have good ideas.


  15. Bethany says

    I always cook extra lasagna for the freezer. One box of noodles gives me two square casseroles of lasagna and at least four “personal lasagnas” that I make and freeze in Pyrex custard dishes. I also make spaghetti sauce and chili in large quantities in the crockpot for the freezer. For pasta sauce, I like to freeze the sauce in my silicone muffin pan, and then pop the “sauce muffins” out once they’re hard and store them all in a gallon freezer bag. I know that each muffin is one serving of sauce, so can just take out the exact amount I need without worrying about having to thaw a large container. Same idea for chili, but I use my mini loaf pan, and one loaf of chili is a serving. Muffins and cookie dough are also things I make in larger quantities and freeze. I scoop the cookie dough out onto parchment paper, freeze it, then store the dough balls in a freezer bag. Pancakes freeze well in layers with waxed paper between on a cookie sheet, and once they are hard can easily be transferred to ziploc. These are great to warm in the toaster.

    I just tried a new freezer item, breakfast sandwiches. I posted about them today. I’m not sure if they will reheat well, but I’ll be sure to let you know.


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