Home Maintenance Tasks: June

I keep a running list of things that need attention around the house. These are tasks that are not done on a re-accurring basis but more so as needed. Below are the task that are currently on my list for the month of June. I keep this list in the front of my HMB. Whenever I have a day when I finish my daily task early or the children ask “Is there anything that you need help with?” I turn to my list.

*Relax oldest daughter hair (done)

*Steam clean sofas

*Trim weeds around the house (done)

*Clean upstairs windows (done)

*Re-attach hubbys nightstand shelf (done)

Before (above)

*Vaccum inside floor vents (done)

*Change boys shower curtain *from pink to blue* (done)



*Re-hang my son’s bedroom curtain (done)


  1. Val says

    I just found Tuesday Tackle, and I think I love it! LOL
    Congratulations on being so productive! I’m starting my list right now-thanks for the inspiration 😀


  2. Darlene says

    Congratulations on finishing your list. I too am a list maker. I just don’t always get everything done on the list. I try to take up Flylady’s habits and I do clean my sink everyday. I guess that is a start.

    Have a great week!


  3. jen says

    Hey! Could you come over here and relax my girls’ hair? When I tried it did not do much…ugh. They are into pressing their hair now but looks like torture in this heat.

    I can do extensions and braids but when I try to relax it does not work. After you relax do you press?

    Seriously though I think I have found a friend who will do it for me. I so need help in this area.

    God bless,


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