Home Maintenance Tasks: June

I keep a running list of things that need attention around the house. These are tasks that are not done on a re-accurring basis but more so as needed. Below are the task that are currently on my list for the month of June. I keep this list in the front of my HMB. Whenever I have a day when I finish my daily task early or the children ask “Is there anything that you need help with?” I turn to my list.

*Relax oldest daughter hair (done)

*Steam clean sofas

*Trim weeds around the house (done)

*Clean upstairs windows (done)

*Re-attach hubbys nightstand shelf (done)

Before (above)

*Vaccum inside floor vents (done)

*Change boys shower curtain *from pink to blue* (done)



*Re-hang my son’s bedroom curtain (done)