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Show and Tell:Useful Decorations

Below is one of the web images that inspired my window herb garden. I love to decorate but my rule of thumb is that the decorations that adorn my surfaces must be both useful and lovely. If it’s just lovely then it won’t work for me and vice versa. In order to make the cut in my home each decorative item must meet the standard of both usefulness and loveliness.

Below is a previous picture of my kitchen windowsill. It was filled with mini pots of Italian flat leaf parsley plants.

Nestled in between the pots you’ll find two of the cutest ceramic animal figurines.

These are not only a pretty addition to my windowsill since they blend well with my rooster dish Soap Dispenser, but they also serve a purpose. They are salt and pepper shakers. I plan on filling them with seasoning salt and meat tenderizer. I usually season my meats at the sink and having the shakers at arms length will will shave a few seconds off of my dinner prep time.

Finally, I am sharing images of my bathroom windowsill. I often light scented candles a few minutes before my husband gets home from work. Candles are always a beautiful choice for decorating and are useful when they can bring a relaxing aroma to a room after a long day at work.

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17 thoughts on “Show and Tell:Useful Decorations

  1. Capturing Today says:

    Love your little herb pots! And the candles are so relaxing! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Your herb garden and ceramics are great. And the candles on the windosill are so lovely. You’re right ~ candles do add a special touch.

    I appreciate your stopping by my blog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  3. In really love your herb garden in a window! Useful and totally beautiful!!


  4. Barbara H. says:

    Your windowsill decorations are cute and homey as well as useful!


  5. Your herbs make your kitchen very cheery and they look nice and healthy. I love the pretty candles too!


  6. Earthmommy says:

    I love the candles too! Before my hubby gets home, I will usually light the little tart burner in our kitchen so that when he comes in everything is fresh and welcoming. I do this for a few minutes before we leave the house too, so that when we return we are greated with a fresh pleasing smell.


  7. Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme says:

    I love the herb box and the candles make a very romantic setting, it makes me want to take a nice relaxing bath :).


  8. How pretty! Yes candles help relax me too.


  9. Great ideas! My herbs are outside, as I have an indoor cat that would go to town on anything inside!!


  10. The candles on the windowsill are so pretty. I love candles and how sweet you light them before hubby gets home.


  11. Jewelgirl says:

    I love the Herbs and how they are
    in the Herb enclosed box, great idea
    and cute too!


  12. A Hint of Home says:

    Great ideas for the widow sill. They will come in handy and are so attractive, as are your candles.


  13. Cherish the Home says:

    Your decorations are *lovely*! (o:


  14. DeNiece Barnes says:

    I love the candles in the window sill, and you know what I never that about lighting candles in the room before my hubby comes home to help him relax thanks for the idea, you always have such great ideas, stop by an see me if you get time have a great weekend.


  15. Hootin' Anni says:

    Love the gorgeous candles by the mirror…very romantic!! And your wonderful sunny windows with the herb gardens…fabulous. [the ceramic lamb is super!]

    My show n tell is shared. Hope you can stop by for a “howdy do!” Happy weekend to you—


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