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Where do you store your purses?

I keep mine in the back of my closet on a primary colored children’s peg rack. It’s kind of inconvenient having to slide all of my clothes out of the way to get a purse but, at least it is organized.

Where do you store your purses?

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9 thoughts on “Where do you store your purses?

  1. Daughter of the King says:

    As someone who loves purses, although not as much as I *used too* mine are on a shelf…when I head for the purse section whether it is at Wal-mart or a garage sale I get that look from my husband…I think it is a okay thing as there is a twinkle in his eye.


  2. Earthmommy says:

    I did away with carrying a purse years ago. I found I carried too much in it, and after my wallet was stolen out of it one time I went to just carrying a small wallet in my pocket. For formal occasions I do use one, and those I keep in one side of my top dresser drawer.


  3. Mindy~ Maybe just a little bit two many.

    Gold~ I am 5 ft. 2 inches and the shelves in the top of my closet are almost useless. My husband is 6 ft. 4 in. and I let him have the top shelves of my side of the closet (as long as he keeps his stuff neat).

    Divamom~ Thank you. I’m so glad that you stopped by.

    Kysha~ I have been there and done that. Once the children started pouring in I was in a sense forced to relinquish my purse fetish.

    But you know what?…There are so many cute baby bags out these days. It’s like who needs a purse anyway.

    I happen to like big bags I guess it’s a result of my babymaking days. A big bag can hold everything.

    Your stuff and the babies stuff.

    Thank you all for visiting and have a great weekend.


  4. Connie~I remember when my children were younger and we had them all in the two of the three upstairs bedrooms, leaving two unoccupied downstairs bedrooms.

    I used to use the two downstairs bedrooms for everybody overflow things such as out of season clthes, blankets and PURSES.

    Now that my children are older and everyone has thier own bedrooms I don’t have the extra space and have been forced to decrease the amount of purses that I have due to lack of space.

    It’s funny how a house that used to feel so big now feels so small

    Thanks for visitng Connie


  5. My purses are on a closet shelf but I haven’t carried one since the birth of my last baby. The diaper bag has now been revamped as a purse. LOL


  6. Our master bedroom closet came with a shelving unit that was to replace the lack of a linen closet in the master bath, since it has a separate shower. At first we were using it for towels, but when my purses started creeping to my hubby’s side of the closet, we bought storage towers for the bathroom and my purses took over the closet shelving unit. Eventually I’ll have to use the top shelf over my clothes! I’m a pursaholic!!! By the way, you have some cute purses!!!
    God Bless!


  7. I keep my mine on a rack at the top of my closet.It is really to high for me.I always have to throw my purses back up there because I can’t reach up there.I think I should change that!HA HA


  8. Mine are stored on a shelf in my closet, and on the floor in my closet, and on pegs by the back door… do you think maybe I have too many purses?




    I keep mine on a shelf in the top of my front bedroom closet. We have three bedrooms and only my husband and I living in our home now so we have plenty of room. I only have about three purses. I am not much of a purse kind of person. I hate to keep up with them. lol. Your look nice. connie from Texas


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