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Appealing to Him

This post is for adults only.

Now is as good a time as any to begin setting aside a day to pamper yourself in preparation for your husbands arrival home from work. It doesn’t have to be his birthday or your anniversary. You can pick one day out of the week or the month to devote some time to getting dressed up the way that you did when you were courting him.


A few times a month I set aside a few hours to pamper myself with the goal of strengthening the level of intimacy in my marriage. I light some candles while I shower or take a hot bubble bath. In the background I’ll usually be listening to some of our favorite songs. This time is also used to shave and give myself a facial. Then I moisturize my skin as soon as I towel off. If your heels are a little rough now is the time to touch them up with ped-egg or a pumice stone. Everything should be clean, fresh and smooth.


Now, I begin putting on my make-up. Sometimes I do “Glamorous Look” where I apply eye liner, volumnmizer mascara, eyeshadow foundation and lipstick. But sometimes I do the “Fresh Face” which is a little shadow, clear mascara and lip gloss. Next I style my hair in the way that he likes.

If your husband likes it pinned up then pin it up or if he likes it flowing down your back then add some toussled curls and let it flow. Now, I put on his favorite lingerie. (Not the big panties, or the monthly panties. You know which ones he likes, put those on.) If you don’t have a nice pantie and bra set ladies I admonish you to invest in at least one. A nice set can be afforded frugally. (If the children are not home I skip this next step). Next find something nice to put on over the lingerie, add a pair of earrings and some heels. Pretty flats will do but, I am going for shock and awe so I wear heels. Finally spritz with your favorite scented perfume.


Before he arrives home I decide where I will greet him. I have greeted him in our bedroom, in the kitchen and at the door. I’ve gotten the greatest WOW factor at the door. I want to be the first thing that he sees when he opens the door. When I take the time to prepare for him, his face just lights up. Then we spend the rest of our evening doing GROWN-UP STUFF.

I write this to encourage you to do something special for yourself and your husband that will nurture your level of physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is a precious desire that God has given to both husband and wife enjoy. Take the time to cherish it and use for what God intended, to bring you and your husband closer to each other.

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5 thoughts on “Appealing to Him

  1. ~ Angi :) says:

    This beautifully and tactfully spoken, Hadias! My husband and I also take time to prepare for one another. Some of our most coziest moments have occurred when the children are gone, the doors are locked, and we’ve created a ‘nest’ out of big throw pillows and comforters in front of the fireplace. Precious time, that only serves to benefit the entire household . . .



  2. As usual, we can depend on you for good tips. And the cosmos are really beautiful.


  3. blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com says:

    Hello there….

    I believe that there are many ways that women and men who are joined by GOD in marriage covenant can increase the spiritual and emotional intimacy that they have with one another that will lead to a greater level of fulfillment in physical intimacy as well.

    There are SEVEN levels of spiritual intimacy that every believer should be aware of and should seek.

    The spiritual intimacy with God is always the most important.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


  4. DeNiece Barnes says:

    My hubby and I have an anniversary Monday July 14 and we are going away for the weekend and week we will be back on Wednesday, I was wondering what I could do to spice up things in our bedroom and I went to your site, (which by the way I do have it on my page under blogs that inspire me) you give some good ideas thanks, come and visit me soon. DeNiece


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