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I dedicate my time and passion to this blog. I am appreciative of all of my readers both my first time readers and returning readers. But it appears to me that I must lay down some ground rules for those Individuals or Businesses that are looking for advertising opportunities.

As you can see, I have chosen to add advertising links to my blog such as, my Google Adsense link on my right side bar which generates a few cents every time my readers visit the advertised sites. Also, the Coupons.com widget on my left sidebar that earns me a few cents each time a coupon is printed. These are ads that I have purposefully chosen and have agreed to advertise. But some individuals and businesses are under the impression that it is o.k. to link to their sites in my comment section. These practices of free advertisement will not be tolerated on my blog.

The following is a general idea of what is acceptable etiquette for commenting, linking and advertising here at A Day in the Life of…

For My Readers:

Please feel free to link back to a post that is SIMILAR to mine or would be of interest to both of our readers. You can do this by referencing my post in a ‘Hyperlink’ from your site or by using the ‘Trackback’ feature.

Just click on the Trackback link then copy and paste the url from my site into your post and I will automatically receive notification of your link. There are times when I am just perusing blogs and stumble upon a blog with a link to mine.

This is good for you and me and any other sites you link to. I highly recommend that you place both a Hyperlink in your main post in addition to using the Trackback feature. That way my readers and I, can come and read your post. We can only read it if we know that it is out there.

Some readers leave comments or send me personal emails to let me know how much they enjoy reading my blog or how much they liked a particular post. Although I cannot respond to every comment please know that your comments are greatly appreciated.

Understand that I will respond to every relevant question either through my comment box, your comment box or by a personalized email to your email address.

For Business Owners/Sponsors:

Please don’t use automated software to leave blog comments just for the sake of blatantly advertising your stuff.

Please don’t make several posts with nothing more than link backs to your sites. A few visitors have left comments plugging their site and because of it all comments will be reviewed before being approved, or deleted if neccesary.

Please be kind and leave a thoughtful comment that other readers can share and benefit from. Go ahead and leave a comment by clicking on the ‘Add a Comment’ link to the discussion. Commenting keeps the blog going with two-way communication which makes great reading!

No free advertising is permitted. If you are interested in advertising space on my blog email me at scentreprenuer@aol.com. Anyone wishing to post an announcement, please contact me. I will gladly negotiate a fair rate for marketing your business on my blog.

If it appears to me or others that what you are doing is writing propaganda about a product, I’ll delete your comment without warning. This is my blog and my space on the information highway and I am in control of what my readers are exposed to here at A Day in the Life Of…

Do you have any questions on this topic? Would you like to add something? Please leave a comment.

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