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Cooking Ahead

A valuable tip that I learned is too cook once for the week. When I went shopping this week I marinated all of my chickens for a couple of hours and prepared my meatloaf cups. After an hour or so in the fridge I popped everything in the oven and the meat for the week was all cooked. Try cooking more than one meal each time you cook. It will save so much time in the kitchen.

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4 thoughts on “Cooking Ahead

  1. Wow! I never thought of that!! And now that my household size has decreased this will totally make more sense!
    You are such a blessings! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hey Jen…Just type in meatloaf or recipes in my google search box. I know that I have posted about them already. I make the mini cups because my children love small food and it’s easy for me to maintain portion control. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. One day I will finally start doing the OAM or OAW cooking. One day…

    Meatloaf cups?? I’ve never seen these before. Interesting…I may just try these. Do you have a recipe?


  4. That’s also a great idea in this hot season, since you only have to heat your kitchen up once by turning the oven on. Now if I could jut get organized enough to do it. I always seem to forget something and have to turn the oven back on everyday.

    The meatloaf cups look yummy!


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