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Do I Properly Represent God?

When I began blogging a few years ago, it at one point became a past time that my husband and children came to abhor. I spent way to much time in bloggy land while neglecting my family. I prayed often, asking God to direct my computer time in order to bring Glory to Him. I ask him to allow me to get from HIM what I believed I was getting from blogging.

I felt important when my subscriber numbers went up or when I received a comment from a reader. You have all heard this story told time and time again. My point is this, whenever someone can read my blog and have their lives changed in a positive way by learning from any of my experiences I know that I am being obedient to Gods call on my life.

I asked God to help me balance my life and to put all of my hobbies into proper perspective. Now I can enjoy blogging and many other hobbies yet not be dependant upon them for stroking my ego. God reminded me that he had given me my husband and children to encourage me.

Other things will come that will try to offer false promises of confidence and admiration but I am confident that by surrendering my weaknesses Him, he will make me wise enough to discern the truth.

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1 thought on “Do I Properly Represent God?

  1. Earthmommy says:

    I have been there as well, Hadias. Not just with blogging but with my other hobbies as well. I think this is a fine line we all walk, but the Lord is faithful and will guide us if we are open to Him. I enjoy my hobbies much more when the rest of my life is in balance.


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