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File System

When a organizer becomes disorganized then you have a problem. I cannot succesful manage the office administrative portion of my role when there is chaos. So I spent a few minutes this morning re-organizing our desk filing sytem.

I have 3 slots with 3 categories.

*To be filed: pay stubs, paid bills, reciepts and any documents that need to be kept. Once this section files up it is distributed into an accordian file that I have.

*Work Doc(uments): anything pertaining to my husbands business

*Needs Attention: Unpaid bills, school forms to be filled out, etc.

Now it looks so much better and is once again useful.

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14 thoughts on “File System

  1. BarbaraLee says:

    Sometimes I think I over categories things. I always worried that the gov. will find something. We have a business too and it seems hair pulling event. I hate dealing w/sales tax.


  2. Audra Krell says:

    Okay seriously, I wish my desk looked like your before pictures! Way to go if it makes you feel better. It looks great in both pictures!


  3. I’ve got a similar tackle going on. Although, I sort of let my computer distract me today, shame on me!


  4. Muthering Heights says:

    I’m with you…organization is key for me to function! 🙂


  5. Earthmommy says:

    I have a similr system and just cleared it out again yesterday.


  6. WOW! How great was that? Is your whole house as organized? I’m so impressed! You should see our desk where bill paying takes place! Hey- that could be something I tackle!
    Great for sharing! Thanks! And thanks for stopping by my place too!


  7. mom_of2boys says:

    Great tackle! I need to tackle my file system (aka desktop)!


  8. Great job – I too am a great believer of an organized office keeping the chaos away!


  9. Looks great, although it was pretty organized before too!


  10. Michelle Pendergrass says:

    You so don’t want to see my filing system. I might have to take notes from you!!


  11. Miss Mommy says:

    Great Tackle! I actually have a box I use for my filing system as well…I tackled mine a few weeks back….it is so much easier now that it is neat and organized…Now I hope that it can stay that way…..LOL


  12. Homesteader in Training says:

    Great tackle. I have one of those organizers that needs to be organized as well.


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