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Generating Return Visits: Blog Template

Many factors generate return visits to your blog, such as content and post frequency. However, the one that I find the easiest to implement would have to be a new blog layout. There are so many free resources available for the novice blogger. Why spend hours trying to contrive html codes when you can download free templates.

If you are using a wordpress powered blog some good free wordpress themes can be found all over the Internet. Most require a simple download that will allow you to change the look of your blog today. Many of the newest templates are Adsense ready and from what I can tell, this site has “the best free wordpress themes”. Among my personal favorites are Atmanada-garden and The Entwining of Two Lives .

If your blog is powered by blogger check out Lena’s designs. That is where I got my pretty template. Finally, here are some more free templates for all of my blogger powered blogs.

After you have downloaded your new template go and visit Kysha at Loves School. She has many post with links explaining how to install your new template.

Once everything is set up you’ll have a personalized space to compose your new post. A new post and a new look is a great beginning for generating traffic to your blog.

Thank you to my sponsors as top wordpress themes.

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1 thought on “Generating Return Visits: Blog Template

  1. Oh, thanks for the links. I hadn’t seen that WordPress site. They have some nice themes. I just changed mine, so I’ll wait awhile. 😉


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